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5 Best Police GPS Trackers

The Top Law Enforcement Tracking Devices For 2020

Law enforcement has been one of the very first groups to utilize GPS tracking devices whether it was for internal affairs or covert surveillance. The hidden GPS tracker technology has been instrumental in helping police gather evidence against arsonists, drug traffickers, terrorists, and even murderers. Unfortunately, with so many police GPS devices on the market today, it can be a challenge for law enforcement agencies to determine what are the best police GPS trackers. Not to worry! Our team of security experts has worked with countless police and government law enforcement agencies across the nation, and here is our list of the top 5 GPS tracking devices for police! 

1. SpaceHawk 2.0: Best Overall Police GPS Tracker 

Smallest GPS Tracker

Why Police Like This Device:

  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • Waterproof Case
  • Works Anywhere In The United States With Cell Coverage
  • Surface Magnet 
  • 3-Second Refresh Rates (Upgraded Cost)
  • Small In Size 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches
  • No Subscription Fees First Year 

SpaceHawk 2.0 is a live vehicle tracking device police can easily hide on the outside of any suspect’s vehicle. Or if they are using the police car tracker for internal affairs, can easily hide the device inside a squad car without an officer knowing. This police GPS tracker is commonly used to secretly track the vehicle of anyone who might be engaged in

illegal activity. 

Police departments wanting to learn more about this device can


2. PlayBack GPS: Police GPS Tracker With Best Coverage 

GPS Data Logger

Why Police Like This Device:

  • Records Without Cell Service
  • No Monthly Data Plans For Life
  • Tracks A Car Every Second 
  • Waterproof Design 
  • Long Battery Life (50 Hours Driving Time)

PlayBack GPS is one of the most popular police tracking devices due to its durability, continuous tracking updates (every second), and the fact it will work anywhere in the world! This police GPS tracker will record addresses arrived, speeds traveled, and do so without the need for a SIM card. This is why the police GPS tracker is used to bust marijuana growers or others trying to conduct operations “off the grid”.

Police departments who are interested in learning more about this tracker can    CLICK HERE!

3. SilverCloud OverDrive: Best Live Police GPS Tracker With Long Battery Life

SilverCloud OverDrive GPS

Why Police Like This Device:

  • Long Battery Life (80+ Hours Driving Time)
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Compact Size (5.37″ x 3″ x 1.37″)
  • User-Friendly Online Software

SilverCloud Overdrive is the police GPS tracker for any law enforcement agency that needs to track a vehicle for an extended period of time. The key feature of this device is that it can record for approximately 80 hours of wheels-in-motion drive, making it the live GPS tracker with the longest battery life on the market today.

Police agencies who are interested in getting more info about this tracking device can CLICK HERE!

3. SilverCloud OverDrive: Best Live Police GPS Tracker With Long Battery Life

SpaceHawk GPS Tracker

Why Police Like This Device:

  • Easy-To-Use
  • Simple Waterproof Design
  • Can Attach On Vehicles Or Assets 
  • Real Time Updates As Fast As 3 Seconds 

The original police GPS tracker for protecting assets, this device is commonly used by law enforcement who want to catch people stealing political signs, air conditioning units, or any other valuable. 

In power save mode, this real time GPS tracker can record for nearly 6 months! SpaceHawk is also one of the most affordable GPS tracking devices on the market at $99, making it cost-effective for budget-strapped police departments.

Police forces who want more info on this asset and vehicle tracking device can CLICK HERE!

5. Mini Tec: Most Durable Police GPS Tracking System

Why Police Like This Device:

  • Durable Waterproof Case
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Extra-Strength Magnet

The perfect police GPS tracker for any law enforcement agency that wants a simple slap-and-track vehicle monitoring solution, Mini-Tec is about as easy as it gets. The micro tracker can easily be hidden inside a suspect’s vehicle or attached underneath with the free waterproof case that is included. 

Police departments interested in this covert live GPS tracker can 


GPS TrackingGPS Tracker Police Car

Every police agency now employs some form of GPS tracking technology to track a suspect, build evidence against a criminal enterprise, or simply more effectively tracker their own police cruisers. Having the ability to know where a vehicle or asset is located 24/7 is extremely valuable, and one of the best ways police departments can enhance safety in their community. 

Police GPS Tracking Without Warrant

For many years, police used GPS tracking devices without first acquiring a warrant. This eventually became problematic when a drug kingpin was arrested due to evidence from a police GPS tracker. The case made its way all the way to the Supreme Court in 2012 in the case of United States v Jones. The 5-4 decision stated police infringed upon the drug kingpin’s 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights resulting in the case being dismissed. Today, police must first acquire a warrant by showing probable cause before equipping a vehicle with a GPS car tracker.  

For more information on the United States vs Jones Case please click here.

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