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What Is The Best Vehicle Tracker In Canada?

GPS trackers continue to revolutionize the business world by letting small, medium, and large companies instantly track where each one of their vehicles in a fleet is located. That is why there is such a demand for GPS car trackers in the global marketplace, including countries throughout the North American continent. With the United States being one of Canada’s primary trading partners, many companies in Canada buy or sell goods from the U.S., requiring drivers to pick-up, transport, or drop-off commodities. Therefore, fleet management is a very real concern among thousands of businesses in Canada, and real-time GPS tracking is providing the solution to vehicle management for Canadian companies. Here is our list of the best GPS tracking device Canada has to offer!

Best Overall GPS Tracker Canada

Mini Tec GPS 

mini tec

  • Waterproof Box For Cold Weather Protection
  • Live GPS Tracking Anywhere Cell Service Is Located
  • International SIM Card Included
  • Canadian Spouse GPS Tracking


GPS Tracking

Best No Monthly Fee Tracker Canada

SpaceHawk 2.0

Smallest GPS Tracker

  • Tracking Canada’s Vehicles In Real Time Since 2019
  • Track Your Vehicle Without Anyone Ever Knowing
  • Vehicle’s Location Updated Every 10 Seconds
  • Low Battery & Geofence Alert Systems


Most Durable GPS Solution

Driving Activity Reporter

GPS Tracking Key

  • Hidden Small Portable Tracking
  • Worldwide Coverage With One Second Location Updates
  • Powered By AA Batteries
  • Magnetic GPS Tracker Perfect For Asset Tracking


GPS Tracking Systems That Sell On Amazon

The Mini Tec GPS, SpaceHawk 2.0, and Driving Activity Reporter are the top 3 vehicle tracking systems in Canada according to real user experiences and online reviews. However, there are GPS trackers for vehicles that sell on Amazon that also deserve an honorable mention. These location tracking solutions include:

  1. Bouncie GPS – Affordable
  2. MotoSafety GPS – Monitor Teen Driving Behaviors
  3. SpyTec STI GL300 – Top Selling GPS Tracking Solution

GPS Tracker Best Buy Canada

The top-selling portable tracking device at Best Buy Canada is a GPS vehicle solution called the LandAirSea 54. However, the vehicle GPS tracker that has the best online reviews on Best Buy is a device called SpaceHawk.

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GPS Trackers That Work In Canada

The great part about GPS tracking technology is that any company anywhere in the world can benefit from its use: that includes businesses headquartered and operating in Canada. This includes businesses in Halifax Regional Municipality, Greater Sudbury, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, or any city in Canada.

“Canadian companies are no different than the most successful companies working inside the United States in that that they want to maximize efficiency, production, and profit”, explained a fleet tracking specialist for GPS Tracker Shop. “With the stagnate global economy forcing all businesses, even those based in Canada, to closely observe internal habits and behaviors that could be impacting the bottom line, GPS trackers have exploded in terms of demand.”

By investing in a real-time location system that can operate off both GSM networks in the United States (AT&T) and Canada (Rogers), Canadian companies with fleet operations that move across the international border can always stay in touch with automotive assets. This is perfect for any business located in Canada seeking to enhance vehicle security, manage drivers, or simply check on employee activity from time to time. In fact, the use of real-time GPS tracking devices continues to rise all across the globe, including businesses in Canada.

Real-time vehicle tracking continues to provide the data necessary to assist businesses with a wide range of management tasks, and with a wide range of solutions now available for Canadian customers the market for GPS tracking hardware will continue to expand.

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