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GPS Tracker For Truck

How To Track a Truck Driver

Where Is My Truck?

Real Time GPS Tracker For Trucks

Commercial trucking companies understand the importance of efficiency and delivery schedules. This is the reason why so many trucking companies utilize the best fleet tracking systems and mobile apps for tracking truck drivers. The technology allows a business to track a truck driver 24/7, which makes it easy to determine where a truck driver has been, how fast they are traveling, and more. But where is the best place to get more information on truck tracking devices, and where are the surveillance tools typically placed on a truck? Let’s take a deeper dive into some of those popular questions for any company that has ever wondered how to track a truck driver!

Electronic Logging Device For Driver Monitoring

When it comes to a monitoring system designed to manage entire fleets and save time and money the solution comes in ELD devices. What Electronic Logging Devices offer companies is a simple way to find a vehicle’s location, boost theft recovery, reduce fuel costs, improve driver workflow, and eliminate bad driving habits such as speeding. With the help of intuitive GPS tracking software, ELD devices allow a company to determine driver ID and ensure fleet safety. There truly is no better way to track a truck driver than through the use of a fleet management solution that calls upon real time GPS tracking.

Additional Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Analyze Driver Behavior
  • Electronic Logging Of Mileage + Reports
  • Monitor Fuel Usage
  • Access Vehicle Diagnostics In Real Time
  • Be Certain Vehicle Fleet And Drivers Are In ELD Compliance
  •  Enhance Overall Vehicle Management 

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Truck Tracking App

When businesses begin researching the various commercial truck tracking devices and truck tracking apps on the market the first thing they will want to do is read the product reviews. For companies conducting research to find the top-performing best fleet management software on the market, accessing product reviews can sometimes be a challenge. The reason why product reviews for GPS trackers can oftentimes be difficult to discover is that the market is saturated with poor-performing GPS vehicle trackers manufactured overseas. Therefore, many of the GPS trackers for trucks and the truck tracking apps available for purchase at online auction sites such as eBay or Amazon are never evaluated and tested by reputable gadget review websites. This can be problematic for those seeking to find cost-effective fleet tracking software that is accurate and efficient.

Since most retail stores do not carry surveillance-type equipment where should businesses get a tracking device? Companies wanting to boost efficiency will turn to the Internet to find GPS trackers for trucks and the live truck tracking apps that power them. Therefore, businesses wanting to track a truck driver must do their due diligence to make certain they are getting the best possible products. Even when reviews might not be available. One of the methods people can select to discover more information about a GPS tracking product is by communicating directly with the company selling the product.

“When product reviews are not accessible or available the best thing a consumer can do is speak directly with the person or company distributing the product”, explained a GPS expert for a fleet management company. “First of all, it is always a smart thing to get product information from an informed salesperson who can also your questions, but it is also good to know that the place you will be ordering from as some form of sales and support network. Knowing that representatives are available 7 days a week and answer the phone when you call is very important. It speaks volumes about the company and the products that they carry. If a company doesn’t put a strong effort into customer service they probably would not place a great deal of effort evaluating the products they offer to consumers.”

There are a number of reputable online resources dedicated to a review of truck tracking technologies so take a little time and do the investigative work before investing in a product. Also, make certain to call the company and speak with a representative to get all the information about the commercial tracking device ahead of time to make certain you are getting the right device for your GPS tracking application.

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Truck GPS Tracking System Price

GPS trackers for trucks cost around $99 for the device with monthly data plans ranging from $14.95 to $44.95, depending on frequently the business wants to know the location of a truck. Truck tracking apps that work alongside the hardware are free to download.

Where to hide a GPS trackerIs There a GPS Tracker On My Truck?

Most applications affiliated with GPS vehicle tracking have a tendency to be covert in nature. Parents wanting to spy on their teen drivers, people in a relationship thinking their other half is cheating, and companies suspecting employees are stealing company time in work vehicles are all possible candidates for using GPS tracking devices. However, all of those mentioned possible users would likely not want their target aware that they were being monitored via Global Positioning System technology. Understanding that the market demands a solution that allows users to easily and covertly attach tracking hardware, manufacturers developed an external magnetic mount on some GPS devices to allow for outside placement.

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Search Truck For GPS

Most people introduced to vehicle tracking believe that the GPS is supposed to be placed on or near the front windshield in order for the system to acquire information from orbiting satellites. The reason for this logic is due to the familiarity with navigation systems where the most popular placement option tends to be the front windshield. Manufacturers of navigation devices understand that drivers need to see routing and directional information and therefore almost always select the front windshield area for GPS placement. With this knowledge, they make the business decision not to spend significant time in the development of the GPS antenna, but this is not the case with manufacturers of GPS tracker systems. Covert placement is essential for most users of GPS vehicle trackers and that is why tracking companies have made two significant design changes to meet the needs of users: an exterior magnetic mount and a more sensitive antenna. The inclusion of a magnetic mount was made for the simple that it gives the user an easy way to connect the GPS tracker to the outside of a target automobile. This provides a very easy and covert placement for vehicle surveillance. The second ingenious design of a more sensitive antenna was developed to give the user more flexibility in terms of placement. Through the combination of both design features users were given the option to place a car tracker underneath the target automobile!

Asset Tracking Devices Under A Car

It’s hard to fathom a GPS system working under a vehicle but with an exterior magnetic mount locking the tracker upon the vehicle and a strong antenna able to acquire the smallest of GPS signals the application is simple. This is because GPS signals that have no ability to penetrate through metal are instead captured when they are reflected off the ground! GPS technology continues to evolve and become more stealthy and that is a positive thing for those interested in surveillance for personal safety and automotive security.