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Devices To Catch Cheating Husband

8 Easy Ways To Find Out If My Husband Is Cheating On Me

Are you feeling distressed because you suspect your husband is cheating? You’re not alone. Thankfully, we’ve compiled the top 10 ways to spot a cheating spouse using “Devices to Catch Cheating Husband.” The best approach? Conduct a private investigation yourself, using spouse trackers or mini spy cameras. These devices might help you catch your spouse in the act! Various tracking devices and GPS trackers can aid in uncovering a cheating partner. In this article, we’ll explore the top 8 devices guaranteed to assist you in discovering the truth! Now, let’s start this list with a product that was featured on as the best GPS device for catching a cheating spouse, SpaceHawk.

1. SpaceHawk – Easiest Cheating Spouse GPS Tracker For Women

Best Surveillance Device For Catching Cheating Husbands 2024

Best GPS Tracker For Car


  • Discover The Truth
  • Find Out Everywhere Your Husband Is Really Going
  • Track His Vehicle From Your Android or iPhone


Our top overall pick for a device to catch a cheating husband is a powerful vehicle tracker called SpaceHawk. Why? Simply put, it is the top-rated GPS tracker for a cheating spouse. And this statement is not from us, but from trusted online bloggers such as Cuddle Fairy and Bloggy Moms. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the features of this device to catch a cheating husband. Designed with a waterproof mount and strong magnet, the SpaceHawk portable GPS tracker can easily be attached underneath your husband’s car, allowing you to find out everywhere he goes. In fact, this spouse GPS tracker can provide real time location updates straight to your phone or computer, and even provide you historical data of everywhere your husband has been! With this hidden GPS tracker magnetically attached to the bottom of your husband’s car, he will never suspect a thing and you can learn everything. 

See why people on Reddit say vehicle tracking is a great way to expose an unfaithful spouse, as well as their picks for the best spouse GPS trackers.





  • Built-in magnet

  • Waterproof & compact

  • Fast location updates

  • Long standby mode

  • Google Maps & alerts

  • Battery Life: Up to 3 weeks

  • Size: 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches

  • Weight: <1 lb

  • Standby Time: 180 days

  • Includes: SIM card

As of 3/18/2024

4.2 Stars | 22,178 Ratings



  • Waterproof and strong magnet for secure attachment.

  • Real-time location updates to your device.

  • User-friendly app for Android and iPhone.

  • Monthly subscription required for service.

  • Magnet attachment may be detected if looked for.

  • Battery life limits continuous tracking duration.

Watch a real customer experience with this GPS tracker on YouTube!

SpaceHawk GPS GIF

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2. Keychain Voice Recorder

Keychain Voice Recorder


Voice recorders are a great form of spy equipment to help you catch cheating spouses. The keychain voice recorder by Tracking Systems Direct is a hidden spy device that you can give to your partner. It’s a voice-activated recorder, so you can use it to listen in on your husband’s conversations and find out about his affairs. The handy little spy gadget records up to 750 hours of audio. The stealth design ensures that you can catch your cheating spouse without them ever suspecting anything. Here’s how it can help you get answers:

  • Capture Incriminating Conversations: Hide the recorder in his car or office to record his private talks.
  • Collect Evidence of Lies: Compare his recorded statements with what he tells you directly.
  • Document the Time and Date: Most recorder’s timestamp files, prove when conversations occurred.
  • Ease of Use: Simply press a button to start recording; no technical skills are needed.
  • Playback Anytime, Anywhere: Listen to the recordings at your convenience to catch subtle details.
  • Legal Leverage: Recorded proof can be crucial in divorce proceedings, depending on your state’s laws.

Remember, trust your instincts but also gather indisputable proof. A voice recorder can be the key to uncovering the truth.



  • Voice-activated recording captures conversations automatically.

  • Large storage capacity: up to 750 hours of audio.

  • Timestamps files for precise documentation.

  • Requires strategic placement to ensure quality audio capture.

  • Listening to lengthy recordings can be time-consuming.

  • Device must be retrieved to listen to recordings.

Learn how a woman caught her cheating husband with Alexa recordings.

3. FlexiSpy Spyware For iPhone

If you’re looking for apps to spy on your husband and catch your spouse cheating, then FlexiSpy is for you. Through FlexiSpy, you can access media files, audio or photo files, call logs, and search histories on your husband’s phone. You can listen in on his live phone calls, track his phone’s locations, and keep track of his call history. In this way, you can expose your cheating partners by going through their photos and videos or checking other phone activities.

Since its inception in 2006, FlexiSPY has evolved, focusing on capturing instant messaging and social media communications, recognizing the shift away from traditional SMS and phone calls. This tool captures both sides of conversations and can even monitor audio streams from calls made through apps like Facebook Messenger.

FlexiSPY also features the ability to remotely control the target phone’s camera and microphone, offering a deeper insight into the phone owner’s surroundings. Additionally, it includes a mobile viewer app, allowing you to access the gathered data conveniently from your own device.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any information due to app updates, FlexiSPY offers an app screenshot feature. This is particularly useful for keeping track of conversations on instant messaging apps, which frequently update and might otherwise bypass monitoring efforts. Also, one of the reasons this product is one of the best devices to catch cheating husband!

FlexiSPY places a strong emphasis on customer service and data security, offering live chat support and boasting a flawless record in protecting user data. This commitment to security and support aims to provide users with peace of mind while using the app.



  • Comprehensive monitoring: calls, messages, apps, GPS.

  • Unique features: call interception, surroundings recording.

  • Invisible mode ensures undetectable tracking.

  • Requires physical access for installation.

  • Subscription plans can be expensive.

  • Complex features may require technical understanding.


4. Slap & Track GPS Car Tracker With Long Battery

Live GPS Tracker


Worried about your husband’s activities? The Everlast Nano GPS is your ideal solution. This portable GPS car tracker has a compact size and long-lasting battery life making tracking effortless. Simply attach it using its “Slap-and-track” technology to any car’s underside. Then, easily monitor his movements from your phone or computer. Here are some additional key features of the GPS tracking device:

  • Extended Battery Life: With up to 155 days of battery life, track his vehicle long-term without frequent recharging.
  • Wide 4G Coverage: Tracks across all of North America, including cross-border movements, ensuring you don’t lose his trail.
  • ‘Slap-And-Track’ Ease: Effortlessly attach it to any vehicle for instant tracking. No complicated setup is required.
  • Stealthy Design: Magnetic, waterproof, and easily hidden, it stays securely attached to his car without detection.





  • Geofence Alerts

  • Driving Behavior Reports

  • Global Tracking

  • Easy Installation

  • Affordable Plans

  • OBD II Plug-in

  • Real-Time Alerts

  • Subscription from $17.99/month

  • Includes Spark Nano 7.0 Charger

  • Pre-installed SIM Card

As of 4/11/2024

4.2 Stars | 939 Ratings



  • Up to 155 days battery life: Track for months without recharging.

  • Wide 4G coverage: Monitor movements across North America.

  • Easy 'Slap-and-Track' attachment: No tools or professional installation required.

  • Monthly subscription required: Additional cost for data plan.

  • Husband may detect if not carefully placed.

  • Limited to areas with 4G coverage: May not track in remote regions.

Read a real-life story about how a woman used a GPS tracker to catch her husband cheating here.

5. Clever Control

Clever Control


Clever control is unique spy software that tracks activity on a computer. Although it is marketed mainly toward businesses that want to track their employees’ activity, it can also be used as a device for cheating spouses. Clever control lets you see what websites your spouse is visiting, for example, cheating websites. It also lets you access their webcam and microphone and record their activity, so you can see for yourself if they are bringing any lovers over.

  • Comprehensive Activity Summary. Track all computer activities, from typed text to visited websites, to see if he’s communicating with someone suspicious.
  • Detailed Activity Tracking. Get reports of his computer usage, including applications used and location, to understand his online behavior.
  • Internet Usage Monitoring. Monitor his Internet usage and discover if he frequents dating sites or other potentially incriminating websites.
  • Live Screen and Webcam Access. Observe what he’s doing in real-time with live screen and webcam broadcasting. Check if he’s chatting inappropriately while he’s supposed to be working.
  • Recordings for Later Review. The software records screen, webcam, and audio. Review these recordings at your convenience to find evidence of cheating behavior.



  • Comprehensive activity tracking: Monitor all computer usage.

  • Detailed internet usage monitoring: Detect visits to dating sites.

  • Live screen and webcam access: Watch real-time activities.

  • Requires access to his computer: Initial setup might be challenging.

  • Could damage trust if discovered: Risk of escalating relationship issues.

  • Dependence on target using monitored computer: Limited if he uses another device.

See what people on Quora said about using spy apps to catch cheating husbands.

6. LawMate Key Fob Voice Recorder

LawMate Key Fob Voice Recorder

  • 15 Hours Battery, 32 Hours Storage: Captures lengthy audio without missing a detail.

  • Clear HD Audio: High-powered microphone records up to 30+ feet away.

  • MP3 Format: Easy playback on virtually any device.

We’ve gone over voice recorders and trackers, but did you know that another piece of spyware for catching cheaters is a spy camera. The LawMate voice recorder is an ultra-lightweight hidden camera that is disguised as a car key. You can leave it lying around in your bedroom while you are out, and see if your husband is inviting anyone over. Watch the footage live as the spy camera connects to wifi. 





  • 15-Hour Battery Life

  • 32-Hour Storage Capacity

  • MP3 Format Compatibility

  • Sound Activation Mode

  • High-Powered Microphone

  • Memory: 2GB

  • Charging: USB Connection

  • Audio Quality: 128KBPS HD MP3

  • Recording Distance: Up to 30+ Feet

  • Design: Compact, with Indicator LED

As of 3/18/2024

5 Stars | 1 Ratings



  • Long battery life: 15 hours on a single charge.

  • Large storage capacity: Stores up to 32 hours of audio.

  • High-quality recording: Captures clear HD MP3 audio.

  • Limited memory: Only 2GB, may need frequent transfers.

  • Sound activation sensitivity: May miss low-volume conversations.

  • Distance limitation: Optimal only up to 30+ feet.


Positive Review Review - November 29, 2023

My husband wanted something that he could use to record his DND nights with his buddies, and this little recorder works great! He said it's super easy to use, and the quality is good as well.

R. C.

Negative Review Review -November 9, 2023

It is a piece that is way too difficult in its 'Functionality' and maneuvering between functions. For starters, the manual is written (as a lot of other manuals are) with a print that is so small that it's very difficult to read, at least for me. On the web page, it is advertised as simple to use. This is simply not true. This is simply not true for everyone. I certainly do not recommend this product, especially to a non-technical person.


7. Mini Spy Camera 1080p – USB Charger Camera

Mini Spy Camera 1080p

  • Hidden Spy Cam in Charger: Charges devices while recording 1080p video discreetly.

  • Wide Sight & Motion Detect: 100° view captures motion for automatic recording.

  • Easy to Use: No Wi-Fi needed, plug & play with SD card (not included).Easy to Use: No Wi-Fi needed, plug & play with SD card (not included).

We already covered the LawMate spy camera which looks like a car key. Next up on the list, we have a spy camera that looks like a phone charger! This incredibly compact camera will help you catch an unfaithful partner in no time. You can gift it to your partner so that they take it with them on business trips. Or you can leave it plugged in your home while you are outside and see who is coming and going in your absence.

  • Charges Phone & Records Covertly: While it charges his phone, it discreetly records 1080p FULL HD video. He won’t suspect a thing.
  • Hassle-Free Operation: No need for Wi-Fi. Simply insert a micro SD card, plug it in, and it begins recording all his activities.
  • Motion Detection: Catches even the slightest movement. If he brings someone home or has suspicious interactions, you’ll have it on video.
  • Continuous Recording: With loop recording, it never stops capturing footage, ensuring you don’t miss any potentially incriminating evidence.
  • Perfectly Disguised: The spy cam looks just like a common phone charger, so he won’t think twice about it being in plain sight.
  • Extensive Video Storage: Supports a large micro SD card, meaning you can gather days of footage without needing to frequently check.





  • 1080p Full HD Video

  • 100° Wide Angle View

  • IQ Motion Detection

  • Direct SD Card Recording

  • Easy Plug & Play Setup

  • Technology: Advanced DIVINEEAGLE

  • Detection: 168 Point IQ Motion

  • Data Security: No Wi-Fi/Third-party Access

  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, iPhone/Android

  • Accessories: Requires SD Card (Not Included)

As of 3/18/2024

4.0 Stars | 20,395 Ratings



  • Records in Full HD: Captures clear 1080p video.

  • Wide-angle view: 100° field of view captures more area.

  • Motion detection: Smart 168-point detection triggers recording.

  • SD card not included: Requires additional purchase.

  • Limited by power source location: Placement depends on outlet availability.

  • Data retrieval requires physical access: Must connect to PC or Mac to view footage.

Alex Jameson Oscar

Positive Review Review - January 14, 2024

It's a great charger that I carry around wherever I go. Charges all of my devices. This is an excellent, discreet security device as well! Whenever we step outside for a while, we watch our cat. This camera is great, and the manual makes setting it up a breeze. Very sensitive sensor, good resolution. Besides the built-in SD card slot, it also has an SD card reader.

Tami Crowe

Negative Review Review -November 30, 2023

This camera does not work. Everything it recorded was corrupted. Every SD card, including the one that came with it, I used. All files and videos could not be viewed because they were corrupted. Don't waste your money or time. Very disappointed! Any suggestions on one like this that really works?

Watch how women are using spy cameras to catch husbands on TikTok.

8. WiSpy Android Spy App

TheWiSpy is a comprehensive monitoring tool designed to offer insight and control over a device’s activities, particularly useful for individuals suspecting their husband of cheating. It enables monitoring of social apps, tracking browser history, recording phone calls, and pinpointing the device’s location on a digital map. These features work together to provide a detailed view of the target’s digital interactions and physical movements.

Additionally, TheWiSpy allows users to watch and listen to the surroundings of the monitored device, offering an even deeper level of surveillance. For added control, it includes the capability to remotely lock the device, ensuring protection in sensitive situations.

While primarily marketed with a focus on parental control to secure children’s well-being, TheWiSpy’s functionalities are equally effective for those wanting to uncover the truth about their spouse’s fidelity. It offers tools to track online activities, encouraging positive tech habits, and guarding against cyber threats, with real-time alerts to keep users informed.

Getting started with TheWiSpy is straightforward, involving three easy steps: registering for a free account on their website, choosing a suitable subscription plan, and then monitoring and protecting through the control panel. This process emphasizes convenience and accessibility.

TheWiSpy differentiates itself with features like non-intrusive monitoring, ensuring the app remains undetectable. Its quick installation, combined with continuous alerts and affordability, positions TheWiSpy as an appealing choice for those needing to monitor discreetly. The emphasis on security guarantees peace of mind for users leveraging the app for sensitive surveillance tasks.



  • 24/7 support: Get help whenever you need it.

  • Comprehensive activity summary: See all phone activities.

  • Reads text messages: View SMS and chat conversations.

  • Requires subscription: Monthly fees apply.

  • Legal implications: Could be illegal without consent.

  • May require physical access: To install the app initially.


Is My Husband Cheating Again – How Experts Say To Address This Question

Negative Signs During Separation

Dr. Jane Adams, a renowned relationship expert based in New York City, often encounters the question, “Is my husband cheating again?” You might spot signs of cheating – secretive phone behavior, changed patterns, or even suspicious browser history. “Your gut feeling is essential,” says Dr. Adams. “However, resorting to (Devices to catch cheating husband) or using an app to catch a cheating spouse isn’t the best solution.”

Contrarily, she recommends open communication. If you feel tempted to use a voice-activated recorder, consider a conversation instead. Dr. Adams cautions, “Spy gadgets to catch a partner may provide short-term answers but risk long-term relationship health.”

John Thompson, a Seattle-based couples therapist, agrees. “Using (Devices to catch cheating husband) only escalates the trust issues,” he says. Instead of relying on phone tracking, hours of recording voice evidence, or analyzing your husband’s Android iPhone for signs, Thompson suggests couples therapy.

“Professional intervention can provide constructive dialogue and potentially save a relationship,” Thompson argues. “Remember, a relationship isn’t an alarm clock that you can set and forget.”

Can I Use AirTag To Track My Husband
Can I Use AirTag To Track My Husband

Devices To Catch Cheating Husband – FAQs

Yes, devices to catch cheating husbands, such as voice-activated recorders can potentially help you get answers. These devices, like mini voice recorders or spy voice recorders, start recording when they detect sound. They often have hours of recording capacity. However, remember that recording private conversations without consent may violate privacy laws.
Yes, you can potentially catch a cheating spouse using phone monitoring apps. For instance, apps like mSpy, FlexiSPY, and Highster Mobile are popular choices. They let you track browsing history, which can reveal suspicious websites. These apps also monitor messages across various platforms. One key feature is their ability to recover deleted messages. If your spouse deletes texts, these apps can still retrieve them. This can be crucial in uncovering hidden conversations. Additionally, these apps offer real-time location tracking. You can see where the phone is at any moment, which can be revealing. Remember, while these apps are effective, you must consider legal and ethical issues. Unauthorized monitoring can lead to legal problems. Always respect privacy laws and use these tools responsibly.
GPS location tracking devices, like real-time GPS trackers, can show you where your husband is and where he has been. This makes it easy to know if he is telling you the truth, and the GPS tracking systems might be one of the best gadgets to catch a cheating partner. If you want to explore some of the most popular GPS trackers for cheating spouses, check out this article on LinkedIn.
Yes, there are. Gadgets range from recording devices like digital voice recorders to detector hidden cameras, smoke detector hidden cameras, or even peephole reverses. There are also mini portable devices and USB keyloggers.

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