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Frequently Asked Questions

 Most Common FAQ’s

Do I Need To Buy A SIM Card For My GPS Tracker?

No, all of our real time GPS tracking devices come equipped with a SIM card that will work in North America (United States, Mexico, Canada, )

If Someone Finds My GPS Tracker, Can They See Who Owns It?

No, we don’t share customer details or owner information. Your identity is protected by our privacy policy.

What Subscription Plans Do You Offer For GPS Trackers?

We offer both Monthly and Annual data plans for your GPS tracker. The benefit of choosing an annual data plan is that we offer a significant price break so you can save more money! For more details on the different data plan options, please email us at or call our billing department at 855-922-8100

Where Should I Place The GPS Tracker Outside The Vehicle?

You can place your GPS device underneath the car, preferably near the edge for clear sky access. However, our tracking devices were engineered to be covert and can acquire GPS signals that bounce off the ground! In fact, all our trackers are designed for easy hidden placement, both inside and outside vehicles.

For a more detailed explanation on the best spots where to hide a GPS tracker on a vehicle, please click here.

How Accurate Is The Location Shown On The App?

Usually within a 6 feet! However, sometimes it may vary up to 20 feet. Like all GPS trackers, occasional signal interruptions or downtimes can occur and cause some minor fluctuations in GPS accuracy.

When Will My GPS Tracker Arrive?

We offer two shipping options at checkout based on your needs. The first, is a FREE shipping option via USPS with an expected arrival time of 5-7 business days. If you need a GPS device faster, we offer a 1-3 day option for $8.95.

How Do I Return My Order?

All returns are handled via email. If you wish to return your tracking device, please email your name and order number to Please note, we only accept returns within 10 days of the purchase. After 10 days, any returns will be subject to a 35% restocking obligations based on terms and conditions and the nature of surveillance devices. We do not accept any returns after 30 days from the original purchase date.

Can I Use Multiple Tracking Devices On One Account?

Yes, you can add multiple tracking devices to your account so you can monitor all your assets at the same time. However, each GPS tracker require transmits its own independent data, and therefore, each individual unit will require its own data plan. If you plan on investing in multiple units, please contact one of our sales reps at 855-922-8100 to learn more about bulk pricing discount!

How Far Will My GPS Device Track or Locate?

As long as your tracking device is charged and receiving a GPS signal it will provide real time data anywhere in the United States, Canada or Mexico. However, the GPS tracker will need to be in cellular coverage in order to transmit locational data.

Can I Pay Without Using My Credit Card?

Yes, we offer alternative payment methods so you don’t have to worry about a charge showing up on your credit card statement. These payment methods include Venmo, PayPal, and even Bitcoin! However, you can also purchase a prepaid gift card from and use that for your order and data plan!

SpaceHawk FAQ’s

How Small Is The SpaceHawk GPS?

SpaceHawk real time GPS is one of the smallest GPS car trackers on the market today.

Dimensions: Depth: 2.275″ and Height: 0.945″

How Can I Get Help With My SpaceHawk GPS?

Technical support is available at no cost Monday-Friday, 8:30a.m.-5:30p.m. Central Time. For phone support, please call 1-847-462-8100 and follow the prompts for technical assistance. If you want a faster response, please email

How Do I Activate My SpaceHawk GPS Device?

1. Create an account and select your data plan at the following link: Activation Link
2. Download the mobile app to manage your device on the go:

Please note that you can also access your personal GPS tracking data via computer with your username and password.

Why Am I Only Getting Two Solid Green Lights On My Device?

Yes, this indicates an incomplete connection to the necessary signals. To fix this, take your GPS tracker outside and either walk or drive with it for about 10 to 15 minutes. This movement helps establish a full connection, ensuring your device syncs and updates information on your account more effectively. It’s crucial for the GPS tracker to have an unobstructed access to satellites for optimal performance

What Is Energy Saver Mode?

Energy Saver is a unique feature crafted to maximize battery longevity. Instead of constantly being on alert for motion, the device works on a predetermined timer. This means that the unit stays dormant and conserves energy until the timer prompts it to wake up. Only at these wake-up intervals will the tracker connect, send, or receive commands, ensuring a balance between performance and prolonged battery life.

How Do I Select My Data Plan For The SpaceHawk GPS?

Once you receive your tracking system, you will activate it using the serial number or QR code on the back of your device. Then, you will choose from the following month-to-month data plans:

  • $19.95: 3-minute updates
  • $24.95: 1-minute updates
  • $34.95: 30-second updates
  • $39.95: 10-second updates
  • $44.95: 5-second updates
  • $49.95: 3-second updates

There are no contracts, activation fees, or termination fees with your SpaceHawk GPS tracker.

To activate your tracking device, please CLICK HERE.

Can I Connect The SpaceHawk Directly To My Car's Battery?

Yes, hardwiring ensures uninterrupted tracking by using the car’s battery as a consistent power source. However, you would need an accessory cable in order to connect your real time GPS to your car’s battery. This accessory cable is $29.95.

Why Can't I Add My Serial Number?

Check your entry, avoid double registration, or contact our support team for help if you are having trouble adding your serial number during activation. If you’ve activated online, use the same login for the app.

How Can I Access The Device's History And Reports?

For a quick review of recent tracking activity, refer to the mobile app. For a more comprehensive analysis, including various reports, head to our website and utilize the desktop software within the tracking interface. It’s essential to remember that while the history is extensive, it isn’t infinite. You have access to data going back as far as one year.

How Can I Change My Subscription Or Data Plan?

Within the SilverCloud App, navigate to the “Manage My Devices” section. Here, you’ll find options to upgrade or downgrade your data plan based on your tracking needs. Ensure you review the details of each plan before making a decision to select the best fit for you.

OBD2 GPS Tracker FAQ’s

Can The OBD2 (Plug-in) GPS Tracker Be Used With Any Car?

Yes, the majority of vehicles manufactured after 1996 come with the standardized OBD-II port, making them compatible with the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker. However, there are always exceptions. Therefore, before making a purchase, it’s wise to consult your vehicle’s manual or manufacturer details to ensure perfect compatibility. Some specific models or brands might have variations, so being thorough in your check can prevent any potential issues.

Does Your OBD2 Tracker Have Any Monthly Fees?

Nope! Our OBD2 tracking device includes a full year of real-time tracking data, offering unlimited updates every 3 seconds. In fact, that is the fastest on the  market! This rapid update rate is 20x faster than competitors like Vyncs, MotoSafety, and Family1st.

How Do I Connect The OBD2 GPS Tracker In My Car?

First, find your vehicle’s OBD port. This is often located under the dashboard. Then, simply plug the GPS device into the OBD2 port, and you are all set! Typically, no extra wiring or professional assistance is needed. In fact, OBD tracking devices are specifically designed for user-friendly, hassle-free setup.

Can I Get Real-Time Notifications From The OBD2 GPS?

Yes, these OBD2 trackers provide live alert features that can be sent to you via email or text message. In fact, you can set alerts for events like speeding, geo-fencing breaches, and ignition changes, ensuring you’re always informed about your vehicle’s activities.

My Device Isn't Updating. How Can I Fix This?

Yes, for new OBD units, unplug and replug the device fully, then turn on the ignition. For existing devices, email detailing the issue so our support team can help get you on track!

What Details Does The OBD2 GPS Tracker Provide?

With this GPS device, you’ll get real-time location updates, speed insights, mileage data, engine diagnostics, fuel usage, and more. Remember, an OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker isn’t just about location—it offers a comprehensive view of your vehicle’s performance and condition. That is why this type of real time GPS tracker is most popular among small businesses with fleet tracking needs.

Is There A SIM Card In The OBD2 GPS tracker?

Yes, it’s equipped with an integrated AT&T SIM card, ensuring seamless connectivity and tracking right out of the box. When your device arrives, it will be pre-loaded with a full year of unlimited real time GPS tracking data. All you need to do is set up your account and you are ready to track your vehicle!

How Long Is The Battery Life Of The OBD Tracker?

OBD2 GPS trackers don’t have their own internal battery. In fact, they are engineered to draw power directly from your vehicle’s battery through the OBD port. Thus, as long as your vehicle’s battery functions, the tracker will stay active and operational. However, if the tracking system is unplugged by the driver, it will stop reporting real time locations.

Is It Easy To Remove Or Tamper With The OBDii GPS Devices?

Yes, the design of the OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker allows for straightforward installation and removal from the OBD port. However, while this design ensures convenience for users, it can just as easily be removed by drivers who do not want to be tracked. However, you will be alerted the moment your GPS tracking device is tampered with.

Can The OBD2 GPS Tracker Show Historical Driving Data?

Yes, it certainly can. Our OBD (Plug-in) GPS tracker is designed to not only give you real-time updates but also store and provide historical location data spanning up to an entire year. This feature can be especially valuable if you need to analyze or verify your vehicle’s movements over extended periods. Whether you’re retracing routes, checking on stops, or verifying timeframes, you can access this stored data to gain comprehensive insights into the vehicle’s past activity!

GPS Technology FAQ’s

Is It Common For A GPS To Show Slightly Incorrect Locations?

Yes. In some conditions, especially with obstacles or atmospheric interferences, minor inaccuracies can occur. Keep in mind, even under ideal conditions, consumer GPS devices have a small margin of error. However, in most everyday applications, this deviation is negligible.

Are Consumer GPS Trackers Accurate?

Yes, they are. Consumer GPS trackers typically offer accuracy within 3-10 meters. Environmental factors might influence this. Buildings or trees can sometimes interfere

Can I Set Boundaries With My GPS Tracker?

Yes, it’s called geofencing. You can set specific boundaries on maps. If the tracker exits or enters, you receive a notification. It’s useful for safety and monitoring.

Can I Customize Alerts On My GPS Tracker?

Yes, all of our GPS tracking systems have alerting features. Set geofences, speed limits, or movement alerts to instantly know what is going on with your assets. You’ll receive email or text notifications based on your settings.

Can Weather Conditions Affect GPS Accuracy?

Yes, they can. Severe weather can occasionally impact satellite signals. However, day-to-day conditions like rain rarely cause disruptions and should have no significant impact to your personal GPS tracking data.

Do GPS Trackers Need Cellular Service?

Yes, many do. To transmit location data remotely, live GPS trackers use cellular networks. Without this, real-time tracking isn’t possible. However, GPS data loggers will store historical data in internal memory that you can download at a later time, but they are NOT real time.

Do GPS Trackers Work Indoors?

Not always. GPS signals weaken indoors. Buildings block satellite signals. However, some trackers use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as backup indoors.

Is There A Way To Block GPS Tracking?

Yes, using GPS jammers. However, these are illegal in the United States, and using them can result in serious penalties.

How Often Does A GPS Tracker Update Its Location?

How fast a GPS asset tracker updates its position depends on the product and the data plan you choose. Some GPS devices update every few seconds; others, every few minutes. Therefore, you should choose a subscription plan based on your tracking needs.

Does A GPS Tracker Require A SIM Card?

Yes, all of our real time GPS tracking devices require a SIM card for data transmission. Each tracking device is equipped with a SIM card, tested, and then shipped out to you. Therefore, all you need to do is activate the tracker when it arrives to begin monitoring your assets!