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positive teen driving facts

21 Positive Teen Driving Facts

21 Positive Teen Driving Facts – A Parent’s Guide! Hey parents! Are you worried about your teenager’s driving skills? Are you constantly fretting about their safety on the road? Well, we’ve got some good news for you! We’ve compiled a list of 21 positive teen driving facts that are sure to give you peace of […]

Car Theft Prevention Devices

Car Theft Prevention Devices

Every 44 Seconds a Car Is Stolen In The US! Here Are 6 Car Theft Prevention Devices To Protect You According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a car is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States. This staggering statistic highlights the importance of protecting your vehicle with car theft prevention devices. But what […]

Police GPS Tracker

Police GPS Tracker

5 Best Police GPS Tracking Devices Law enforcement agencies, Sheriff’s offices, and local police departments frequently call upon hidden GPS tracking devices for internal affairs or covert surveillance investigations. The hidden GPS tracker technology has been instrumental in helping police gather evidence against arsonists, drug traffickers, terrorists, and even murderers. With so many different police GPS devices […]

GPS Satellite Tracking Infographic

How Do GPS Trackers Work

The Science Behind GPS Tracking And How GPS Trackers Work GPS trackers play a crucial role in our daily lives, pinpointing our exact location on Earth. But how do GPS trackers work? To shed light on this, let’s begin with a breakdown of the fundamental concepts: Understanding the Global Positioning System (GPS): The GPS is […]

GPS For Fleet Management

GPS For Fleet Management

10 Best GPS Fleet Trackers For Business As a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, you know firsthand the importance of keeping your drivers safe using vehicles in your fleet. Not only is it a moral imperative that can improve customer relations, but it’s also good for the bottom line – monitoring driver safety […]

GPS Vehicle Tracker

Best GPS Vehicle Tracker

7 Best Vehicle Tracking Devices 2023 Monitoring vehicle activity for company fleets, assets, and driving habits is important for any business. In fact, if you have company vehicles and are not using real-time GPS for recording trip history, vehicle maintenance, or driver safety, there is a good chance you are putting yourself and any business […]

GPS Tracking Watches For Seniors

Best GPS Tracker Watch For Elderly

Top 8 GPS Tracking Watches For Seniors- What’s The Best GPS Tracker For The Elderly? The golden years of a person’s life should be filled with peace and independence. Unfortunately, for many senior citizens, degenerative diseases rob the elderly of healthy cognitive patterns. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia can present many challenges not only for […]

Portable GPS Trackers

7 Best Portable GPS Trackers

7 Best Portable GPS Trackers For 2023 Have you ever wondered if your teenager was being truthful about where they were going or how much time your husband really spends at the office? The truth is people everywhere now use portable GPS tracking devices to catch cheating spouses, spy on troubled teens, or protect business […]

GPS Satellite Tracking Infographic

GPS Satellite Tracking

What Is GPS Satellite Tracking? What the heck is GPS satellite tracking? Really!? We know satellite navigation for turn-by-turn directions while driving and GPS solutions for search and rescue operations are all awesome parts of the Global Positioning System web that have made life easier for all of us. But have you ever wondered just exactly how GPS […]

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car

10 Best Secret Spots Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car – They Will Never Know! Do you have suspicions your partner might be cheating and want to discover the truth? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will discuss the top 10 spots where you can hide a GPS […]

Secretly Track Car

How To Secretly Track a Vehicle

How To Secretly Track A Car In 3 Easy Steps Did you know, that in 3 easy steps, you are able to track any car using only a vehicle GPS tracker and mobile phone app? That’s right! With the use of a mini GPS tracker, there is no need to seek professional help from a […]

Personal GPS Tracker

Best Personal GPS Trackers

5 Best Personal GPS Trackers For 2023- Personal GPS Safety Is your teenager taking a solo trip somewhere exotic and you want to make sure they are safe by knowing their personal location? Maybe you have a child who frequently gets lost or a senior family member with dementia who wanders. If so, a personal […]

OBD2 GPS Tracker

5 Best GPS Tracker OBD

5 Best GPS Tracker OBD Systems – Expert Picks For Plug & Play Vehicle Tracking Are you a business owner looking for a reliable way to track your fleet of vehicles? Or maybe you’re a concerned parent who wants to ensure the safety of your teen driver. If so, look no further than GPS Tracker […]

GPS Tracker With Magnet

Best GPS Tracker With Magnet

Top 8 Magnetic GPS Tracking Devices You Can Hide Under A Car! Most people who use GPS car trackers do so covertly, meaning they do not inform the person driving the automobile that they are being tracked. Therefore, most users favor a GPS tracker with magnetic mount. The reason is that GPS trackers with magnetic mounts […]

Teen Driving Monitor

Teen Driving Monitor

Drive Safe, Parent Easy: Teen Driving Monitor Systems For Worry-Free Teenage Driving Recall the exhilaration you felt the first time you sat behind the wheel as a teenager, the open road beckoning to newfound independence. Now, as a parent, that memory might be tinged with apprehension as you watch your own teen embark on their […]

GPS Tracker For A Trailer

GPS Tracker For A Trailer

5 Best GPS Trackers For A Trailer – 2023 Buyer’s Guide Did you know trailers are used for everything from transporting assets to livestock and other equipment? Whether it be the everyday family using a trailer to transport a boat for a relaxing weekend getaway or a construction business utilizing a winch to move supplies, […]

GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee Infographic

Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

5 Best No Monthly Fee GPS Car Trackers For 2023: A Comprehensive Guide If you’re looking for an affordable real time GPS tracking device that doesn’t require a monthly subscription, you’re in luck! GPS trackers with no monthly fees are a popular option for those who want to track their vehicles or loved ones without […]

GPS Child Tracking Pendants Infographic

GPS Child Tracking Pendant

7 Best GPS Child Tracking Pendants For Safety Finding a GPS tracker for kids shouldn’t be daunting, but comparing initial costs and the monthly subscription price can give anyone a headache! There are so many trackers for kids available online, and it can be hard to decide which kids’ GPS tracker would be best for […]

Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

Best Hidden GPS Tracker For A Car

 Hidden GPS Trackers – Top 7 Picks For 2023 Did you know GPS vehicle tracking allows parents to uncover the secret habits of their teen drivers, police to conduct surveillance operations, and business owners to have remote control access to their entire fleet of automobiles? When it comes to secretly tracking a car without them […]

Best GPS Tracker For Cheating Spouse Infographic

GPS Tracker For Cheating Spouse

10 Best GPS Trackers For Cheating Spouses  There is nothing more heartbreaking for a family than when a husband or wife chooses to abandon their wedding vows or commitment as a couple to cheat. How often do people cheat? Well, according to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, 46% of men and 36% […]

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Reduce Fuel Consumption

5 Easy Ways Your Business Can Reduce Fuel Consumption Think about this startling reality: a minor inefficiency in fuel consumption, especially at today’s rates, can mean thousands of dollars thrown away every year. As of 9/12/23, AAA highlights that the average cost of a gallon of gas in California is an eye-watering $5.44. For businesses […]

Can A GPS Tracker Cause Electrical Problems

Can A GPS Tracker Cause Electrical Problems

Can A GPS Tracker Cause Electrical Problems – What You Need To Know! Electrical problems in vehicles are a nightmare for fleet managers, and the last thing you want is for your GPS tracker—the very tool meant to optimize your fleet operations—to be the cause of these problems. As a fleet manager, you probably rely […]

SAE J1850

SAE J1850

SAE J1850: Unveiling Its Role in Vehicle Diagnostics and GPS Tracking You plug in a diagnostic tool into your vehicle’s OBD2 port and quickly locate the engine issue. That port uses the SAE J1850 protocol, allowing communication between your car’s electronic components. This standard is not just vital for diagnostics but also integrates with GPS […]

GPS Tracker Under Car

Can I Put A GPS Tracker Under Car?

Can You Put A GPS Tracker Under A Car – What You Need To Know! As a car owner, you might want a reliable way to track your vehicle’s location for various reasons, such as safety, theft protection, or even monitoring teen drivers. A hidden GPS tracker is an ideal solution to ensure peace of […]

Geofencing GPS

Best Geofencing GPS

4 Best Geofencing GPS Trackers – Best For Asset Management & Virtual Boundaries Imagine a fleet of pest control vehicles navigating through the city, ready to serve customers. As a manager, you want to keep track of every service van. What if you could set invisible boundaries and get alerts when a vehicle enters or […]

What Material Can Block GPS Signal

What Material Will Block GPS Signal

Unmasking Interference: What Material Will Block GPS Signal? You’re on a road trip, relying on your GPS to guide you. Suddenly, entering a tunnel, the signal drops. Now what? This situation leads to an intriguing question: What Material Will Block GPS Signal? In this article, we will discuss how GPS works and the specific materials […]

Trace GPS Tracker Back To Owner

Can A GPS Tracker Be Traced To Owner

Can A GPS Tracker Be Traced To Owner – Discover How In 5 Easy Steps Imagine driving home one evening and, out of curiosity, you inspect the underbelly of your car. To your shock, you find a mysterious device – a spouse GPS tracker. Your heart races, questions swirling: Who put it there? Why? Can […]

Can GPS Be Wrong Infographic

Can GPS Tracking Be Wrong

Can GPS Tracking Be Wrong – Essential Insights For Businesses You’re driving through a bustling city, following your GPS to an important meeting with a new client. Suddenly, the device insists you turn onto a street that doesn’t exist, leaving you puzzled and delayed. This experience raises a critical question that can impact businesses relying […]

Fix Motorcycle Dent Infographic

How To Fix Motorcycle Tank Dent

How To Fix Motorcycle Tank Dent – 3 Simple DIY Techniques Unsightly dents on motorcycle gas tanks can be a disheartening sight for any rider. It might have you thinking about professional dent repair, which can be a significant expense. But what if you could remove that dent yourself, transforming the marred surface back into […]

10 Motorcycle Safety Tips Infographic

Motorcycle Safety Tips

10 Motorcycle Safety Tips – Every Rider Needs To Know! You’re perched on the edge of adventure, your hands steady on the grips of your very first motorcycle. It’s an exhilarating feeling, the rush of potential freedom on two wheels. But before you twist the throttle and set your sights on the open road, it’s […]

How To Change ATV Tires Infographic

How To Change ATV Tires

How To Change ATV Tires In 8 Simple Steps Remember that muddy trail you were tearing up when your ATV tire gave out? That sinking feeling that you’ve never experienced before? It’s something that happens to every all-terrain vehicle enthusiast sooner or later. But what if you could tackle that problem yourself, without waiting on […]

GPS Tracking For Wildlife

How Does GPS Tracking Work In Wildlife Conservation

GPS Tracking For Wildlife – How It Is Helping In Conservation Picture this: a herd of elephants meandering across the African savannah, their every move mapped with pinpoint accuracy. This is not science fiction but a real-world application of GPS tracking for wildlife. As our planet’s biodiversity faces increasing threats, conservators turn to technology to […]

Trailer Theft Prevention Tips Infographic

Trailer Theft

7 Trailer Theft Prevention Tips – Sheriff’s Office Approved Imagine this: you return home from work, expecting to see your boat trailer parked in the driveway, but it’s gone. That sinking feeling hits you hard, a clear sign you’re the newest victim of trailer theft. This type of property crime, often underreported, has surged in […]

GPS Tracker For Farm Equipment

GPS For Farm Equipment

GPS Tracker For Farm Equipment – GIS/GPS Positioning System For Precision Farming Imagine this: It’s the break of dawn, you’re sitting comfortably with a warm cup of coffee, monitoring your vast farmland through a digital screen. This is modern farming with “GPS For Farm Equipment“. Instead of unpredictable manual labor, GPS technology equips your farm […]

GPS Car Tracker

GPS Tracker Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Put A Tracker On Your Car – GPS Tracker Cost 2023 Imagine the unsettling feeling of suspecting your partner’s late-night ‘work meetings’ might not be all about work. This suspicion can erode trust, leaving your relationship on shaky ground. But what if you had a way to verify their […]

hardwired GPS tracker

Garbage Truck GPS

Waste Management GPS Tracking – Garbage Trucks Go High-Tech With GPS Imagine you’re a city sanitation supervisor trying to coordinate a fleet of garbage trucks. Without the right tools, this job can feel like herding cats. Trucks might crisscross paths, wasting fuel, or miss neighborhoods, leading to complaints. Enter the game-changer: Garbage Truck GPS. This […]

GPS Car Tracker

GPS Tracking Laws New York State

Can You Track A Car In NY? – GPS Tracking Laws New York State Are you considering the use of a GPS tracker for personal or business reasons in New York State? While GPS devices offer a range of potential benefits, it’s essential to understand the guidelines and considerations surrounding their use. This article provides […]

How Can I Track My Son's Car

How Can I Track My Son’s Car Without Him Knowing

How Can I Track My Son’s Car Without Him Knowing – 4 Steps For Concerned Parents Today’s teenagers are constantly exposed to social media, where bad behavior is often rewarded and sensationalized. As a result, many teens feel compelled to experiment with drugs, alcohol, or prescription medicines. Combine this with the overwhelming influence of peer […]

Should My 18 Year Old Go On A Road Trip?

Should I Let My 18 Year Old Go On A Road Trip?

Should I Let My 18-Year-Old Go On A Road Trip? – What Parents Should Know Imagine your 18-year-old, brimming with excitement, pleading, “Please, can I go on a road trip with my friends?” Their request sparks a flurry of thoughts and emotions within you. After all, you remember your own youthful adventures, the freedom of […]

Where To Buy A GPS Tracking Device

Where To Buy A GPS Tracking Device

Where To Buy A GPS Tracking Device- 3 Retail & Online Stores Are you seeking the truth and suspecting infidelity? If you’re wondering “Where to buy a GPS tracking device,” you’re on the right path to uncovering the reality. This article will guide you, someone determined to find answers, in your pursuit of a reliable […]

GPS Tracker For Pest Control Businesses

GPS Pest Control

GPS Pest Control – Track Your Service Trucks! In the challenging world of pest control, efficiency and reliability play a vital role in managing your business. Implementing GPS technology for your service trucks can be a real game changer. With this approach, you can keep tabs on your fleet around the clock, optimizing your operations […]

Mini GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Guns

GPS Tracking Guns: The Future of Firearm Safety or a Privacy Concern? Navigating the crossroads of safety and technology, you may find yourself contemplating GPS tracking guns. It’s an innovation aimed at bolstering the security of your firearms, while reducing the risk of illegal usage. Although the thought of someone monitoring your firearm’s location might […]

Spy Tec GL300

Spy Shop Henderson Nevada

Spy Shop Near Henderson, NV Do you believe your partner is cheating? Or maybe you suspect your drivers of misusing company vehicles? Regardless of your reasons, if you need security products, the best place to find surveillance gear is a spy shop. In this article, we will discuss how you don’t need a spy shop […]

GPS Tracker Detector

Best GPS Tracker Detector

Best GPS Tracker Detector – Find Any Bug On Your Car! If you believe an ex-boyfriend, husband, or wife seems to know everywhere you have been there could be a strong chance that they have placed a hidden tracking device on your vehicle. Yes, the thought of someone secretly tracking your vehicle can be frightening. […]

smallest GPS tracker infographic

Smallest GPS Tracker

Smallest GPS Tracker Solutions – 10 Best Mini GPS Trackers Are you looking for the smallest GPS tracker to keep tabs on something or someone? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve curated a list of the 10 smallest GPS tracking devices that pack a punch. From discreet designs to powerful tracking capabilities, these […]

How To Track Employee Location

How To Track Employee Location

How To Track Employee Location – GPS Apps & Vehicle Tracking Guide As a business owner or manager, optimizing company operations and productivity is a top priority. To achieve this, many companies are turning to performance observation tools like field employee tracking apps and GPS vehicle trackers. These technologies offer valuable insights into employee activities, […]

GPS Tracker For Lawn Mower

GPS Tracker For Lawn Mower

Protect Your John Deere – GPS Tracker For Lawn Mower Security Are you constantly worried about the security of your expensive lawn mower? You’re not alone. With a rise in equipment theft, it’s time to arm yourself with an effective solution: a GPS tracker for lawn mower. This compact yet powerful device provides the peace […]

GPS Tracker With Starter Disable

Copper Wire Theft Prevention

Navigating Copper Wire Theft: Prevention, Detection, and Recovery Have you ever had to deal with the hassle of copper wire theft? You’re not alone. Copper wire theft prevention has become a crucial topic in recent years. Why? Thefts can cause costly interruptions to businesses, especially construction companies. As the price of copper rises, so does […]

GPS Tracker For Disabled Adults

GPS Tracker For Disabled Adults

Enhancing Safety With GPS Tracking: A Lifeline For Adults With Mental Disabilities As a concerned family member of an adult with a mental disability, you may feel a constant worry for their safety and well-being. Imagine having a reliable solution that offers peace of mind by helping you keep an eye on your loved ones […]

Cheating Wife GPS Tracker

Cheating Wife Tracker

How To Track Your Cheating Wife – How Men Can Discover Infidelity  In relationships, emotions can run high, and suspicion of infidelity can be a major issue. So what should you do if you believe your wife is cheating? The decision many husbands are making to catch a cheating wife is to use a GPS […]

GPS Tracker For Children's Shoes

GPS Tracker For Children’s Shoes

Best GPS Trackers For Kid’s Shoes As a parent, keeping your child safe is your top priority. Especially if you have a special needs or autistic child. If you want to ensure your child never gets lost then you need to consider a personal GPS tracking device. In this article, we will discuss the benefits […]

Golf Cart GPS Tracking

Golf Cart GPS Tracking

Best GPS Tracker For Golf Carts – Golfer’s Guide For 2023 Are you a golf enthusiast who loves to spend your days on the greens? Then you already know golf carts are a crucial component of the game when it comes to keeping up with the pace of play. Unfortunately, golf cart theft is a […]

Best GPS Tracker Canada

GPS Trackers Canada

What Is The Best Vehicle Tracker In Canada – Buying Guide For 2023 Looking for the best GPS trackers in Canada? As a business owner, you know how vital fleet management is. But did you know that real-time GPS tracking is the solution? Yes! With the demand for GPS car trackers growing, our list of […]

Medical Equipment Tracking

GPS Tracker For Medical Equipment

Protect Your Hospital: GPS Tracking For Medical Equipment Theft Prevention Attention, hospital administrators and facility managers! Are you tired of grappling with the challenges of medical equipment theft and mismanagement? If so, this article will introduce you to the power of GPS tracking systems tailored specifically for healthcare facilities. Discover how asset tracking solutions not […]

Skid Steer GPS Tracker

Skid Steer GPS Tracking

Skid Steer GPS Tracking – Protecting Your Construction Equipment Are you worried about your expensive construction equipment being stolen on a job site? Maybe you are concerned employees might be using your heavy machinery for side projects. If you want to protect your assets and business interests then there is no better option than a […]

Limo GPS

Limousine GPS

How Limousine GPS Tracking Can Help Your Business Imagine a scenario where one of your most luxurious limousines, reserved for a prestigious wedding event, fails to arrive on time due to an unexpected traffic jam, leaving the bride and groom disappointed. This is the kind of challenge that can tarnish your reputation and lead to […]

Private Investigator For Cheating

Private Investigator For Cheating

10 Ways Private Investigators Catch Cheating Spouses Are you concerned your spouse is cheating and is researching local private investigators to discover potential marital infidelity? If so, you should know two very important things about an infidelity investigation. The first is that a cheating spouse investigator can check cell phone records, digital forensics, and social […]

Sample Employee GPS Tracking Policy

Free Sample Employee GPS Tracking Policy Template

Sample Employee GPS Tracking Policy As fuel prices continue to rise, more and more companies are turning to GPS tracking policies for their company vehicles. GPS tracking not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances safety and customer service. We at GPS Tracker Shop understand that implementing a GPS tracking policy can raise concerns from […]

What Are The 3 Factors That Cause Accidents

What Are The 3 Factors That Cause Accidents

3 Factors Behind Car Accidents Parents Need to Know! Car accidents are a common occurrence on the road, and they can have life-changing consequences for those involved. So yeah, it is a really big deal! As a parent of a teen driver, it’s important to be aware of the factors that contribute to accidents and […]

Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers

Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers

Motorcycle GPS Trackers – 5 Best For Anti-Theft Security Nothing beats the freedom of motorcycle riding. But the risk of theft can be a constant concern for riders. Unfortunately, motorcycles are often the target of thieves because bikes can easily be stolen, hidden, and scrapped for parts. Many criminals understand that motorcycles have a ton of […]