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What Are The 3 Factors That Cause Accidents

3 Factors Behind Car Accidents Parents Need to Know! Car accidents are a common occurrence on the road, and they can have life-changing consequences for those involved. So yeah, it is a really big deal! As a parent of a teen driver, it’s important to be aware of the factors that contribute to accidents and […]

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20 Positive Teen Driving Facts

21 Positive Teen Driving Facts – Every Parent Needs To Know! Hey parents! Are you worried about your teenager’s driving skills? Are you constantly fretting about their safety on the road? Well, we’ve got some good news for you! We’ve compiled a list of 21 positive teen driving facts that are sure to give you […]

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What Are The Typical Behaviors Of Aggressive Drivers

6 Characteristics Of Aggressive Drivers – Parents Need To Know For many of us, driving is a key part of our everyday lives. The more time we spend behind the wheel, the more experience we gain, and the better our understanding of how to stay safe on the roads becomes. However, it can be more […]

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Open Parking Lots To Practice Driving Near Me

Empty Parking Lots Near Me To Practice Driving When a teen gets a learner’s permit (or is just beginning to drive) one of the most important things for them to do is learn in a safe environment. Feeling comfortable behind-the-wheel takes practice and one of the best ways to gain that confidence in a real-world […]

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Can Your Parents Track Your Car?

Should Your Parents Track Your Location Debate When Scott Kelly’s daughter turned 18 he could not help but be proud and happy about how grown up and mature she had become. Rachel, Scott’s daughter, had received her driver’s license about 6 months ago and loved driving. She would drive to school, to friend’s houses, the [...]
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Doing All You Can To Prevent Crashes Is Called What?

Doing All You Can To Prevent Crashes Is Called What – Parenting! As a parent, ensuring your teenager’s safety behind the wheel is of utmost importance. Doing all you can to prevent crashes is called parenting, and good parents utilize all available technology to enhance teen safety. And when it comes to reducing dangerous driving […]

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Should I Let My 17 Year Old Go On a Road Trip?

Teen Road Trip Safety Should Teenagers Travel Alone? There are a few times in a person's life that are as exciting as being a senior in high school. The thrill of finishing high school, the acquisition of a driver's license, and the entire world ahead of them, there is no better feeling than being 17 [...]
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How Can We Prevent Teenage Driving Accidents?

How Can We Prevent Teenage Driving Accidents- Dangerous Driving Explained As parents of teen drivers, we face a critical question: “How can we prevent teenage driving accidents on the road?” It’s a pressing concern considering the heightened risk that teenagers face in motor vehicle accidents. However, we can take proactive measures to monitor, manage, and […]

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Can I Teach My Son To Drive In a Parking Lot

Can I Practice Driving With My Son In A Parking Lot? Essential Skills: Teaching Your Child To Drive Practice makes perfect with everything in life, but when it comes teen driving it is important for parents to begin teaching safe driving in a location such as an empty parking lot. The reason is that even [...]
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How Can I Track My Teenager Car Without Her Knowing

I Want To Track My Son's Car - Without Him Knowing! Today, teenagers are exposed to social media that rewards and sensationalizes bad behavior, causing many teens to experiment with drugs, alcohol, or prescription medicines. Throw in the already daunting fact that teens are often guided by peer-pressure to assist in the decision-making process, and [...]