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GPS Tracker Shop Accepts Coin Based On Satoshi’ Vision

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California- (November 23rd, 2018) –In an effort to provide online shoppers all across the globe with the ability to safely and securely purchase GPS tracking systems, GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that it will now be accepting Bitcoin SV as a payment option for all products throughout its online store. Bitcoin SV will join PayPal, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Litecoin and Bitcoin as payment options that customers visiting GPS Tracker Shop can choose from.

“Digital assets are quickly moving from a billion dollar market to a trillion dollar market, and with that increase in both investment and adoption we are seeing a significant shift in the way online transactions are being conducted”, explained Ryan Horban, the Director of Marketing for GPS Tracker Shop. “Consumers are tired of seeing inflation eat away the value of the dollar while at the same time being gouged with an assortment of fees by financial institutions. The crytpo-currency ecosystem is changing the way both consumers and companies view storage of wealth, with Bitcoin being at the forefront of this movement. Bitcoin SV keeps the original Satoshi Vision of financial freedom by providing the medium for stable, secure and safe instant transactions on a global level. As a technology company, it is critical for us to evolve in every aspect of business, and this is why we are not wasting any time adding Bitcoin SV as a payment option for our customers”.

What Is Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV is a peer-to-peer virtual currency utilizing encryption techniques to provide users with a safe, secure and easy way to make transactions in a growing digital world. Bitcoin SV is based on the original Satoshi Vision of Bitcoin.

For more information on Bitcoin SV please watch the following short video:

Paying With Bitcoin SV

Those interested in purchasing GPS tracking products with Bitcoin SV can contact a sales representative for more details! Anyone choosing to pay with Bitcoin SV will also qualify for a 10% discount on all orders. This is a permanent discount offer to Bitcoin SV users that requires no coupon codes and has no expiration date!

About GPS Tracker Shop

Headquartered in Southern California, GPS Tracker Shop is a online retailer dedicated to providing live GPS tracking software and hardware to businesses, consumers and government agencies across the globe. With an assortment of products designed to help improve teen driving safety, business fleet management and law enforcement surveillance, GPS Tracker Shop is widely recognized as a industry leader in personal and automotive monitoring solutions. The security company carries award-winning products that utilize location-based technologies, while also giving customers both technical information and support 7 days a week.


Ryan Horban

Director of Marketing



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