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GPS Trackers In Gwinnett County

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Gwinnett County Missing Student Case

Nothing can be more frightening to a parent than when a child goes missing, and sadly that is the situation right now in Gwinnett County, Georgia where Monique Vanloo-Alkush has been missing since Friday. According to Monique’ family, her disappearance is completely out of her normal behavior, and now they are left fearing the absolute worst. Monique’s mother went on to say that whenever her daughter is late she would call so she knew something was wrong.

Monique lived at home so her mother saw her every day, and the last time they spoke her daughter said she was going to head home from the Georgia State campus after an Uber ride. As a college student struggling with finances, Monique realized that the best way to save money was to carpool and was therefore off to pick up another person before heading back toward Gwinnett.

Monique’s mother went on to say that when she believed her daughter was missing she tried to use the GPS tracking technology in her iPhone to track the girl’s whereabouts but the phone was shut off. Her mother also mentioned to police authorities that the night before her disappearance she had got into a verbal altercation with her father, but it was not the type of thing that would cause the girl to up and leave. She also went on to say that Monique was suffering from both anxiety and depression, but that Monique did not pack up any of her personal belongings, something she would likely do if she did not plan on coming home.

Monique struggled to even speak when she was discussing the case with the press, and although she cannot even think about the worst possible outcome at this time all she can do is beg for anyone with information to assist in bringing Monique home.

Both Uber and the folks at Georgia State are currently working with police investigators in Gwinnett County to assist in the case, but police are oddly not suspecting foul play at this time. Even though Monique’s debit card was recorded as being used in Tennessee and the missing girl did not know anyone from that area.

Police also stated that bank statements show that Monique also paid for Uber and Lyft, a popular ride-sharing app, on the day she was reported missing.

Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to contact Gwinnett County Police

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