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Fernando Gonzalez

Automotive Writer
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Fernando Gonzalez

Automotive & Tech Writer at GPS Tracker Shop

Fernando Gonzalez has dedicated over 20 years to car audio equipment installation, encompassing everything from sound systems to GPS devices. His technical background extends to comprehensive automotive repair, making him a reliable expert in the field. At GPS Tracker Shop, Fernando serves as a Technical Support Agent, assisting customers with their product-related inquiries. He also contributes as a writer, sharing articles that range from installation guides to eco-friendly car maintenance tips.

Outside of his professional role, Fernando enjoys quality time with his family, sharing cold beers with his three sons and two daughters. He’s also a long-time fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, supporting them through every season.

With his hands-on expertise and dedication to sharing knowledge, Fernando plays a key role at GPS Tracker Shop, ensuring that readers and customers benefit from his years of experience in the automotive world.

Automotive Writer
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Fernando Gonzalez

Automotive & Tech Writer at GPS Tracker Shop

Fernando Gonzalez has 20 years under his belt in car audio and GPS installation, solidifying his reputation as an expert who can fix just about anything automotive. Serving as a Technical Support Agent and writer at GPS Tracker Shop, Fernando’s hands-on background ensures accurate and authoritative guidance in his articles. Beyond work, he enjoys spending time with his family and rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Fernando Gonzalez's Posts


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GPS Tracker Installation Near Me

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