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Instagram Provides Geo-Tagging Location

Mobile App Puts Photos To GPS Locations

Smart phone users are always seeking the latest and coolest apps for their iPhones, droids and other mobile communication devices. One of those mobile apps that has skyrocketed in registered users over the past couple of years has been a photo taking/sharing app called Instagram, and it’s unique use of GPS geo-tagging has only helped the app grow. Instagram basically allows its users to capture photos and then edit them using various filters, cropping and focus options. These filters include black and whites, retro vibes and all sorts unique editing options to make a simple image look funky fresh. Instagram also has an option that gives the user the ability to add the location of where they took each photo to be added to their posts. The addition of locational data is completed through the use of the GPS tracker chip based in the user’s smart phone. Once a user takes a photo, has the image ran through Instagram’s editing filters, and adds the geo-tagged location of where the photo was captured they can then post it to their Instagram account (Facebook option also available). This allows the user to share their photos with other friends, family members or whoever else is following their account.

Using Instagram

Instagram is a free mobile app that combines art, GPS tracking and social networking to provide a very user friendly and fun experience. Taking and sharing images is simple, and the editing tools require almost no technical or photography experience to manipulate. However, it is important to note that since Facebook acquired Instagram there have been some significant changes to terms and conditions along with privacy policy. For example, a recent update to the privacy policy suggested that Instagram could have the images taken by users used or sold without needing consent from users. Not to mention, Instagram could also have access to the locational data stored from geo-tagging image and use that data for marketing purposes.This has caused quite an outrage among many long time Instagram users, and only time will tell if the user outrage will force the suits to revise policy.

GPS Tracker Shop Review:

Instagram is one of the most-have mobile apps for anyone keen on social networking and photography. The mobile app is free, easy to use and at least one person you know already has it on their smart phone. However, our GPS Tracker Shop review team does have some serious concerns about data sharing, intellectual property rights and privacy when it comes to the newest changes in terms. Until that legal non-sense gets cleared up GPS Tracker Shop can only give the mobile app 7 out of 10 stars.

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