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Yelp Mobile App Review

Mobile Review App Is Must Have For Smart Phone Users

There are a number of different web-based review sites that allow people to rate and share their experience at local restaurants, stores or any service-based businesses. Some are obviously more efficient and user-friendly than others, but most people would agree that when it comes to review sites no company is probably more popular than Yelp. Yelp claims it created an easy to use mobile platform for people to rate their experience at places they visit, access daily deals, find nearby places and more. Looking to see what all the hype was about, GPS Tracker Shop downloaded the Yelp mobile app and tested the free review service on user-friendliness, GPS tracking accuracy and more.

Getting Started

After our team of technology specialists downloaded the Yelp app and set-up an account we were ready to rock (The mobile app was downloaded onto an iPhone 4S during the testing process). When the mobile app is opened the user is presented with nine options on the homepage. These options include nearby, about me, bookmarks, news feed, friends, check-in, deals, recent and talk. There is also a search bar and settings option in the navigation. Here is a breakdown of some of the homepage options once we tested them.

Nearby: When this feature was selected we were presented with a wide variety of categories. These categories included things like bars, coffee, restaurants, gas stations and more. When one of the categories was selected we were taken to a mapping program that showed all the local services associated with that category. The coolest part was the business that was closest would be the first one we saw and the business rating was accompanied with it. Not to mention, whether or not the business was open or closed at the time of the search. Our first thoughts were that this was an ideal feature for people in a unfamiliar area looking for a reputable mechanic, fuel station or simply some recreational fun.

About Me: Nothing really glamorous about this feature. The about me simply shows past check-ins, reviews, daily deals acquired and a variety of personal information we created during the account set-up process.

Bookmarks: A useful feature that allows users to save their favorite services and have access to some of the favorite services of their friends.

Feed/Talk: The news feed option is almost like a local social networking feature that allows people to post questions about where to find the best ice cream or coffee store. This is a great way for people to actually communicate with other Yelpers to learn about local businesses.

Check-In: This feature was what impressed the team at GPS Tracker Shop more than any other Yelp feature. Basically, the check-in uses the GPS tracker in the user’s cell phone to determine where they are located. Once position is determined, a list of nearby businesses will pull up. This is where the user then selects what business they are at. Users can leave a customer tip, photograph or information about their experience at that business. What makes this particular feature so cool is that businesses understand the value of people “checking in” their place. This is why so many companies offer discounts or freebies to those who use the feature to check in at their place! When using this feature our testing team was able to get 10% off our bill at one restaurant and free popcorn at a comedy club.

Friends: The social component of  Yelp, the friends feature allows Yelp users to stay connected with their pals to see which places they recommend. Although this is a pretty nice feature, most people only use Facebook for social networking so finding friends is a little challenging.

Deals: This was another one of the cool features offered by Yelp that adds an almost Groupon component. How the deals feature works is simple: it pulls up user location using GPS tracking and then finds the businesses in proximity to the user that are offering deals. This is a great way for businesses to generate traffic and at the same time Yelpers save money. Although the initial concept behind  Yelp was to give people an outlet to the most credible and relevant reviews for businesses, one of the features that has generated a buzz ha been the check-in feature. The Yelp mobile app offers a wide array of benefits and at no cost for download or use it is certainly a great app that any mobile user would find value using.

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