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5 Easy Ways To Reduce Fuel Costs In San Diego

5 Simple Ways San Diegans Can Reduce Fuel Costs

This time last year, the average price of a gallon of gas was $4.58, and this past 4th of July holiday weekend those numbers skyrocketed to $6.73 per gallon, according to information gathered from AAA. Everyone in San Diego is feeling the pain of rising gas prices, and honestly, there does not appear to be any significant relief in sight in the short term. Yes, Gavin Newsom’s gas stimulus will help an estimated 23 million Californians, but it will be months before San Diegans receive those checks. That means families and businesses will have to be proactive and reduce costs associated with fuel spending. Below are 5 awesome tips on how to reduce your fuel usage and save a little money until lower fuel prices appear at the pumps!

1. Regular Maintenance For Your Vehicle 

Did you know that checking your tire pressure weekly can help you lower fuel expenses? The reason is that fuel usage increases when all 4 tires have different air pressure. Whereas tires properly inflated can help you save fuel to the tune of 10% according to the Department of Energy. Lowering fuel costs by paying a little more attention to basic vehicle maintenance such as tire pressure is a good decision, but under-inflated tires can also be dangerous. Tires below the recommended PSI levels on your vehicle can result in premature wear and tear, increasing the likelihood of a blowout.

2. Combine As Many Trips As Possible 

Are you planning on going to the gym tonight? Then why not stop at the grocery store on your way back. Are you taking the kids for a summertime outing? Then why not pick up your dry cleaning afterward. Combining trips is one of the simplest ways to reduce your fuel costs. Not only will you improve fuel economy by combining trips but you will be more efficient at checking off boxes on your daily “to-do” list!

3. Work From Home 

Working from home is certainly not an option for everyone, but if there is even a small possibility you can do your job from home it might be worth speaking to your employer about. The absolute best way to increase fuel economy is to simply not drive, and working remotely from home is an excellent way to cut those fuel expenses down dramatically.

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4. Invest In GPS Location Apps & Hardware

For San Diego small businesses, fleet fuel costs impact everyone from flower delivery services to limousine drivers. GPS tracking is one of the ways companies can optimize fuel efficiency by employing route optimization, managing drivers’ routes, and making certain drivers are avoiding aggressive driving. GPS vehicle tracking is also a great way to reduce fuel consumption, set speed restrictions, and document miles driven for tax records. The best part is GPS fleet solutions are now less than $100, making them affordable for any small business in San Diego looking to improve fuel efficiency and driver safety. 

5. Gas Buddy

The sad reality is that since gas prices have skyrocketed so have profits among gas companies. In fact, Exxon Mobil is expected to generate approximately $41 billion of net income in 2022, which is nearly 100% more than it generated in 2021. Consumers are clearly getting gouged at the pumps, but one way San Diego residents can fight back (a little) is by using mobile apps such as Gas Buddy that help you find the cheapest price of fuel near you. 

All of us in San Diego are feeling the pinch at the pump, but hopefully, these 5 tips will help you during this inflationary time save a little cash until gas prices eventually come back down.

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