Find Lost iPhone 5

Tips To Recovering Your Missing iPhone 5

Smart phones have truly replaced dogs as man’s best friend. This is because in a mobile technology era smart phones are the sidekicks to our daily work and personal lives. Smart phones allow us to send and receive emails, update our Facebook statuses (I’m at the mall!), send out tweets (The mall sucks today #mall), perform online banking work and literally about another thousand functions. Oh did we mention they are also used to place phone calls? Smart phones make our lives more simple while keeping us more connected to the world. This is why it is a pretty big deal when someone loses or has their smart phone stolen. Here are some tips for iPhone 5 owners to take once they discover their smart phone has gone missing. The first sensation a person has once they realize their iPhone 5 is missing is likely panic. This is because almost a person’s entire life can be stored on this technological marvel. Digital photographs, emails, contacts and so much more personal information is housed on the average cell phone. That means if the cellular gadget goes missing it can likely be quite the inconvenience. However, life has a way of throwing us curve balls and the best thing we can do is learn the best ways to hit those curve balls out of the park when they are tossed in our direction. All iPhone 5 users should have an app downloaded called “Find My iPhone” on their smart phone. This will pull up the location of the smart phone using GPS tracking. However, many fast-thinking thieves will disable this monitoring app so that when the user tries to activate the GPS tracking service they will receive a “Device not found” error message. This means additional security measures must be utilized. Another locational based service app that uses GPS tracking that all iPhone 5 users should have downloaded is Google Latitude. This tracking app monitors and displays locational data of friends, family members and others invited to the GPS tracking party. Google Latitude is actually a wonderful tracking app for personal safety as it allows family members to observe where loved ones are at if an emergency situation ever occurs. This app can also be activated remotely if a person loses their iPhone 5 allowing that user to locate the missing property. Mobile apps that use GPS locational and tracking technology are great ways to recover stolen mobile devices but it is important that these apps be installed prior to the mobile phone disappearing! That means being proactive. People who did not install this equipment on their phones ahead of time will likely not recover their mobile phone. Also, please note that any persons who believe that their device was stolen or even if it were lost should contact local law enforcement and file a report.  

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