hidden gps tracker for car magnetic

hidden gps tracker for car

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car No Monthly Fee

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Most people who use GPS car trackers do so covertly, meaning they do not inform the person using the automobile that they are monitoring driving activity. Therefore, the market demand tends to favor a GPS tracker with magnetic mount. This is because GPS trackers with magnetic mounts can easily be attached under an automobile, recording driving activity such as vehicle speed, what locations the car has been, and more. What is even more impressive is that many hidden GPS tracker for car magnetic have no monthly fees. Although it should be noted that car tracking devices with no monthly fees are not real time solutions, and therefore the user needs to remove the tracker from the target vehicle in order to see where that automobile has been. With the demand only continuing to increase for hidden GPS trackers with no monthly fees, many consumers find themselves asking, “What is the best hidden GPS tracker for car?“.

Although the smallest GPS tracking device for cars does not necessarily mean the best, size certainly matters to consumers investing in car trackers. However, size is just one of the five data points people looking to buy a car tracking device look at. According to GPS tracking experts, here are the top 5 features consumers and businesses seek when purchasing a GPS auto tracking solution:

  1. Magnetic Surface Mount 
  2. Above Average Battery-Life
  3. Compact Size 
  4. Waterproof Housing
  5. Easy-To-Use GPS Tracking Software

Magnetic GPS Tracker Amazon

Best GPS Tracker For Car Amazon

Once a consumer or business finds a GPS tracker that has a magnetic mount, good battery-life, small size, waterproof housing, and offers user-friendly GPS tracking software, the last dns sometimes most important factor is price. When it comes to price shopping many online shoppers choose Amazon as the place to purchase items. Unfortunately, Amazon is really not the best place to purchase GPS tracking devices because most people require a little assistance using the hardware and software. Technical support is critical for even tech-savvy consumers, and people who purchase products off Amazon will most likely not receive any technical assistance if and when it is needed. That is why those looking to invest in a car tracker should purchase from a reputable online retailer that specializes in car tracking surveillance technology and who provides technical support on products.

Best GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

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Technology products have a tendency to evolve quickly, ultimately making products that were once best-sellers obsolete. However, one of the highest rated GPS data loggers according to both consumer reviews and expert analysis is the Flashback GPS tracker. What makes Flashback GPS popular is that the device is waterproof, affordable, user-friendly, and hidden GPS tracker for car magnetic. But the feature that really makes Flashback GPS stand out from other GPS data loggers is the battery-life of the tracker. This is because Flashback GPS has the longest battery-life of any no monthly fee car tracking device on the market, providing roughly 50 hours of continuous tracking.

Flashback GPS was engineered with motion sensing hardware that allows the tracker to fall into a sleep mode when a vehicle is not driving. This unique feature helps retain battery power, giving average users approximately 3-4 weeks of vehicle tracking time.