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GPS Tracking Mobile App Is A Must Have

As a complete smart phone addict, it is normal for this technology enthusiast to fall asleep with his iPhone right next to his head on a nightly basis. My iPhone is literally glued to my palm for the greater portion of the day, as the mobile communication device provides an avenue for social networking, checking emails, playing games, GPS tracking, routing and more. Therefore, it is pretty obvious my smart phone is loaded with different apps for a variety of purposes. One of those apps is called “Around Me“, and recently the locational app was literally a giant time saver.

What Is “Around Me”?

Without getting super technical or specific, Around Me is a mobile app that utilizes the GPS tracking data in a users cell phone to pinpoint where that individual is located. Once the app determines where the user is, it then brings up a number of different places nearby from closest to furthest in a number of different categories. These categories include restaurants, banks, gas stations, bars, hospitals and more. What makes the app special is that for people traveling in unfamiliar areas it allows them to quickly locate anything they need in the shortest route possible. Once the user selects the place they wish to go, Around Me has an option that calls upon Google Maps to provide instant routing to that selected location. What made this technology writer so impressed with this mobile app is that it literally helped pull me out of a jam when I was in a place far from home. The short version of the story is that while I was traveling for business in Northern California in a place near Bodega Bay, my car gas light began to illuminate. Not knowing how far my rental car would take me with the gas light on, I grabbed my mobile phone and selected the Around Me app to find the nearest gas station. The app worked perfectly, locating a number of different fuel stations, even a gas station where my company credit card could be used. Since Bodega Bay is a small and fairly remote area, I could have easily taken a wrong turn and got lost if I made an attempt to go out on my own and search for a gas station. There are a number of great apps that can be downloaded to a smart phone and Around Me is certainly one of those locational apps. The best part about the app is that it is absolutely free for download! The technology experts at GPS Tracker Shop strongly recommend that those in need of a GPS tracking and locational app with the ability to quickly and accurately find nearby places of interest download Around Me.

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