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GPS Teen Tracking

GPS Teen Tracking

Drive Safe, Parent Easy: Teen GPS Tracker Systems For Worry-Free Teenage Driving

The #1 Rated Teen GPS Tracking Device Among Parents

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SpaceHawk is the only real time GPS tracker designed specifically to help parents keep their teen drivers safe. With the SpaceHawk mini GPS, you will never have to worry about where your teen is located, or if they are speeding when driving with friends. If you ever wanted to know the truth about what your teen is doing this is the vehicle tracking device for you!


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Best Teenage Driving Monitoring Devices 2023

One of the most important moments in a young adult’s life is when they turn that golden age of 16 and can finally obtain the freedom that is associated with receiving a driver’s license. After a teen completes driver’s education course work, behind-the-wheel training both professionally and with parents, and a state DMV driver’s test, they have completed the prerequisites required to obtain freedom through an automobile. As exciting of a moment as this may be for the teenager, the moment is bittersweet for the parent(s) because they are well aware of the responsibilities that come with a driver’s license. Parents are also aware that the main cause of premature death among teenagers is automobile accidents. If you are worried about your teenage driver here is our list of the 4 best vehicle tracking devices designed to help parents keep their teens safe!

4 Best Teen GPS Trackers

Top Overall Teen GPS Tracker 

1. SpaceHawk GPS 

Best GPS Tracker For Car
This portable real time GPS tracking device is perfect for any parent looking for a user-friendly teen GPS tracker. Simply place the SpaceHawk teen GPS tracking device inside your teen’s car, or equip the live GPS tracker underneath the vehicle to see where they are going 24/7! Get text alerts when your teen is speeding, and never wonder where a teenager is located again. The best part about this teen GPS tracker is that it is super affordable at only $89, making it perfect for concerned parents on a budget.

Top 5 Features of SpaceHawk Teen GPS Tracker

  1. Works Anywhere In USA
  2. Waterproof Design + Magnet Mount
  3. Real Time Speed Alerts To Your Cell Phone
  4. Historical Playback To Where A Teen Was Anytime
  5. Affordable ($89)

Want to purchase this teen GPS tracker? For more information on this product or to buy the teen GPS tracking system please CLICK HERE! 

Teen GPS With Longest Battery Life

2. Everlast GPS 

The Longest Lasting Battery-Powered 4G GPS Tracker

What makes the Everlast GPS one of the most popular teen GPS trackers on the market is that the device has the ln! All a parent needs to do is place the teen GPS tracker on the automobile the teenager uses and see every location the teen has been! Maximum speed-driven per day is also recorded to assist parents in knowing if their teen is driving dangerously fast. With over 138 hours of vehicle tracking that provides nearly 6 months of personal GPS tracking, no other portable mini GPS has the power of the Everlast! 

Top 5 Features of Everlast Teen GPS 

  1. Longest Battery Life Of Any GPS Vehicle Tracker 
  2. Durable Waterproof Case
  3. Daily Driving Activity Reports
  4. SOS Buttons
  5. Second-by-Second GPS Tracking

For more details on this product or to buy the teen GPS tracking device please CLICK HERE! 

Best OBD2 GPS For Teen Driving 

3. Connect GPS OBD ii

OBD2 Tracker

When it comes to having complete oversight of teen GPS tracking there is no better device on the market than the Connect GPS. Parents need only to plug this teen GPS tracker into the OBD2 port of their teen’s vehicle and then track the car in real time! The best part is the teen GPS tracking device provides real time locations every 3 seconds and has no monthly fees! Monitor speeding, access location history, and oversee safe driving habits with this state-of-the-art 4G GPS tracker. 

Top 5 Features of Connect Teen GPS

  1. Simple OBD2 Connection
  2. Real Time GPS Tracking No Monthly Fees
  3. Teen Speed Alerts
  4. Unlimited Updates Every 3 Seconds
  5. Locate A Teen Driver 24/7

For more complete details on this teen GPS tracker or to buy this device please CLICK HERE! 

Amazon Top Selling GPS For Teen Drivers

4. MOTOSafety By Linxup

MOTOSafety is another OBD2 tracker that was designed for parents. This personal GPS tracker made our list of top teen GPS tracking devices because the system has been a top seller on Amazon. However, it does not update as fast as the Connect and lacks many of the other features the Connect GPS tracker has, making it a good, but not a great device for parents. 

Top 5 Features of MOTOSafety

  1. No Installation Required (OBDii Connection)
  2. User-Friendly Interface
  3. Four-Star Rating On Amazon Review
  4. Updates Every 5 Minutes
  5. Affordable For Parents On A Budget

GPS Tracking For Teenagers

Why Parents Are Investing In GPS Teen Trackers

Imagine never having to worry about where your teen is, or wondering what time they arrived home the night prior. Imagine having a tool that could notify you when a teen was driving dangerously and could tell you everywhere they have been. Parents never have to worry about bad driving habits or examining fishy stories with the help of a GPS teen tracking device.

GPS teen tracking systems can improve teen safety by empowering concerned parents with the absolute truth. Unfortunately, teenagers will lie, but vehicle tracking devices that utilize sophisticated satellite technology do not. GPS teen tracking systems will inform parents about the locations their teen is frequenting, whether or not dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding are occurring and a wealth of other data related to the driving activity. Live car trackers will allow parents to view this potentially life-saving driving information online with a few clicks of a mouse, or data can be accessed via manual download with a cost-effective passive data logger.

Parents can hardwire a GPS vehicle tracker to their teen’s automobile, or use a portable personal GPS tracker that operates off internal battery power to monitor teenage driving activity. Hardwiring a real-time tracking unit allows parents to never have to worry about battery life, but portability can also prove to be advantageous. Portable teen trackers are designed with an outside magnetic mount, giving concerned parents an easy way to connect the device to the outside of their teen’s vehicle covertly.

GPS teen tracking devices are excellent preventative mechanisms for bad driving behavior. Through the use of these GPS tracker systems, parents can intervene and begin to shape positive driving behaviors if there is ever a cause for concern. Another benefit of using GPS teen tracking devices is that many car insurers will extend discounts to families who utilize the technology because of the positive impact they have on driving behavior. That is something both parents and teens will agree is a good thing!

GPS Tracking

Can I Use The GPS Technology In My Teen’s Cell Phone Instead?

Although every cell phone is now equipped with some form or component of GPS chips, using a cell phone for GPS teen tracking is one of the worst ways for concerned parents to monitor a teen. The first problem with monitoring driving activity through a cell phone is that the phone can easily be manipulated. Crafty teens can power down their cell phones at any time, making it impossible for a parent to access driving or location-based information.

Another problem with cell phone tracking is accuracy. Cell phone GPS technology uses cellular triangulation to determine position, utilizing cell towers rather than the network of GPS satellites orbiting the Earth. Therefore, it is very common for people using cell phone GPS software or apps to receive false information from the position, speeds driven, and more.

Cellular reception is another flaw in using cellular GPS tracking technology. We have all at one time or another experienced being on a phone call and then out of nowhere having that call dropped or lost. This is because the cellular phone lost its connection with a wireless signal. When concerned parents are relying on a teen’s cellular GPS to provide them with accurate data they are dependent upon the cellular networks surrounding the cell phone. If the teen’s cell phone is in an area where weak coverage or no cellular coverage is present, inaccurate or no data will be transmitted.

GPS tracker

Why Teen Driving Can Be Dangerous

Unlike most other drivers on the roadways, teens have three particular hurdles that can have a negative impact on their behind-the-wheel performance. These negative influences on driving include cellular phone usage, speeding, and peer pressure.

Teen Cell Phone Monitoring & Driving Safety

In a recent survey conducted on teen driving safety, 100% of teens surveyed admitted to sending an SMS text message while operating a motor vehicle.

  • A combination of inexperienced driving and texting while driving greatly increases the probability of teenagers becoming involved in an accident.
  • Over 50% of teens surveyed admitted to frequently talking on the phone while driving.
  • A teenage driver speaking on the phone while operating a vehicle is two times more likely to be involved in a traffic collision.

Teenage Speeding & Aggressive Driving

  • Over half of all teen drivers have stated they had exceeded the posted speed limit by 10 mph more than once.
  • Approximately 25% of teen drivers considered themselves aggressive drivers and stated that they had exceeded the posted speed limit by more than 20mph more than once.
  • Over 20% of teen drivers in the survey stated that they believe driving fast is fun and exciting.

For more stats and information on teen driving please click here!

Peer Pressure Impact On Teen Driving

  • Nearly 50% of teen drivers expressed that they are more cautious and attentive when other teenage passengers were not in the vehicle while they were driving.
  • More than 2 out of 3 teenagers expressed that they did not feel safe while being the passenger in another teen’s vehicle.
  • More than half of the teenagers surveyed stated that if they were passengers in a car while another teen was driving dangerously, they would not say anything about the dangerous driving behavior.

Increasing Teen Driving Safety

Here are a few simple ways concerned parents of teenage drivers can increase teen driving safety.

  • Reduce or eliminate teen driving after hours: Many studies have shown that driving at night greatly increases the risk of being involved in an accident.
  • Make your teen’s car a cell phone-free zone: Distracted drivers are bad drivers, and when inexperience behind the wheel combines with distraction, the result is never good. Safe driving advocacy groups widely recognize talking on a cell phone while driving as one of the most distracting things a driver can do.
  • Have your teen get a good night of sleep: Drivers who are well-rested are much less likely to be involved in an automobile accident. This is because driver fatigue can result in slower reaction times.
  • Invest in a GPS teen tracker device: There is no better way to determine whether your teen is adhering to the rules of the road or engaging in dangerous driving habits than through the use of a GPS teen tracking device. Having complete and total access to a teen’s driving behavior is the first step to understanding and shaping driving behaviors.
no fee GPS tracker

Best Teen GPS Tracking Devices For Parents 2023

No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker

When it comes to GPS teen tracking there are two types of devices on the market for parents: car tracking devices with no monthly fees and real time GPS car trackers. Teen driver tracking devices with no fees allow parents to know everywhere their teenage son or daughter has been as well as the max speed they drove on any given day. GPS data loggers just need to be removed from the teen’s car to access the historical GPS data.

The best GPS data logger for teen driving in 2023 is PlayBack GPS.

Best Teen GPS Tracker For Car

Parents wanting real time updates on where their teen driver is located as well as the option to be alerted if the teen is speeding will want to invest in real time GPS tracking devices. Concerned parents can connect a GPS teen tracking device to the OBD2 port, hard-wire the device to the 12-volt system, or simply use a stand-alone device in the teen’s car to get live updates on driving activity 24/7.

The best real time GPS tracker for teen driving is the SpaceHawk.

Top 5 Reasons To Monitor Teen Driving With GPS Tracking 

Being a parent is difficult. The moment a person becomes a father or mother their lives completely change. Priorities shift, stress about the unknown rises and safety becomes a top concern. This is the new normal for parents. Unfortunately, those fears are amplified when children become teens preparing to acquire a driver’s license because very few things are as dangerous as a novice motorist operating a hunk of steel weighing over a ton that can accelerate upwards of 100 mph. Teen driving safety is something that should be at the forefront of every parent’s concern because the cold hard facts show in sad detail that when a teen gets behind the wheel of a car their risk of accident or death skyrockets. So what is a parent supposed to do? How can a parent prevent their teenage son or daughter from becoming a statistic? The answer is GPS vehicle tracking and here are the top five reasons every parent should use GPS to observe teen driving activity.

1. Speeding Statistics

When it comes to operating a motor vehicle the dumbest thing a teenager can do is drive fast. This is because when a teen driver travels at high rates of speed terrible things happen. In fact, one study involving motorists 16-years-of-age showed that over one-third of accidents those 16-year-olds were involved in were directly related to speeding. However, one of the research of most alarming points also uncovered was that it’s not fear of death or an auto accident that concerns teen drivers but rather simply getting a speeding ticket. This is partly due to the invincibility complex commonly associated with teenagers. Knowing that when a teenager speeds they increase the likelihood of bad things happening the next logical question is how to prevent speeding from occurring. The answer is real-time GPS tracking speed alerts. Teen GPS trackers offer the ability for parents to program speed alerts so that the moment a teen driver begins operating a car at a rate of speed the parent has deemed unsafe an email/text message alert is instantly sent to that parent. The online GPS software also stores every instance the teen driver exceeded the safe rate of speed in a user-friendly report. This speed alert feature offered by real-time GPS trackers gives any concerned parent the ability to know if their teen is engaging in speeding the moment that behavior is exhibited. Having access to this data can literally be life-saving and is by far the best reason a parent should use a GPS vehicle tracking device to monitor teen driving.

2. Find My Teenager

Keeping tabs on what a teen is doing is more difficult now than ever before thanks in large part to cell phones, Twitter, Facebook, snap chat, and other social networking platforms. Getting a straight answer about where a teen has been or where they are going is simply that much more difficult and parents everywhere will attest to this. GPS vehicle tracking can help parents better stay in the know because the technology provides detailed reports showing the addresses a teen arrived at, departed from, and the duration of time they were at each location. This allows parents to validate a teen went to the location they said they were going to and can help parents more effectively observe what their teens are doing.

3. Parents’ Peace Of Mind

Here is a scenario that happens in households across the country every single day. A parent wakes up around 11:00 p.m. on a Saturday evening and realizes that their teenager is not home yet. When they try and text the teen they get no response. Now the parent begins to feel a little panicked and stays up all night until their teen gets home. This scenario is common but completely avoidable thanks to the help of GPS car tracking devices that offer live locational updates on an automobile. Now let’s revisit the above-mentioned scenario and add the wrinkle that the teen’s vehicle is equipped with a car GPS tracker. The parent wakes up at 11:00 p.m. only to realize their teen is not home yet. After a text message is sent with no reply the parent uses their mobile phone to view the real-time location of their teen with the help of GPS tracking. The GPS tracking data shows the teen’s car is parked out in front of a friend’s house and has been at that location for 3 hours. Knowing who this friend is, the parent calls the house and learns that their teen’s cell phone battery died and that they were simply playing video games all night, losing track of the time. No reason for alarm and no reason to lose any more sleep and that’s all thanks to GPS tracking.

4. Car Insurance

Car insurance for teen drivers can oftentimes be costly. This is basically because inexperience behind the wheel combined with other risk behaviors commonly attributed to teens forces car insurance companies to be cautious. In fact, research has shown that if a teen driver gets a ticket for speeding 20mph above the speed limit they can expect to pay roughly $3000 more in premiums for auto insurance over the course of their teen driving history! And since many parents pay or contribute to cover the costs of auto insurance for their teens this is a very serious financial concern. GPS trackers can help reduce some of those concerns because parents can use car tracking technology to monitor for poor driving behaviors like speeding. But another benefit is that real-time GPS trackers also enhance automotive security. This enhancement of vehicle security is often rewarded by some auto insurance companies through reduced car insurance rates. That means GPS tracking can help the parent/teen not only increase safe driving behaviors but also save money! High fives all around!

5. Texting And Driving

When most parents think of GPS car tracking devices they likely think about real-time devices that provide speed alerts, location information, and vehicle management data. Of course, GPS tracking data is very helpful in enhancing teen driving safety, but what many parents are not aware of is that there are now GPS data loggers available that can also record the activity inside the can of a vehicle! This is because passive GPS devices are now engineered with car camera hardware that can observe the inside of a vehicle as well as the outside of a vehicle. With this type of vehicle monitoring technology, a parent can easily determine if a teen driver is texting while driving, something that research shows can greatly increase the probability of a motor vehicle accident. “The two dumbest things a teen driver can do is speed or text while driving and thankfully we now have the technology that allows parents to monitor both behaviors in one technological solution”, stated the President of GPS Tracker Shop. Parenting is tough and parenting teenagers can be very challenging at times, but with the assistance of GPS tracking technology, parents can at least get a little more peace-of-mind while also boosting teen driving safety.

GPS Tracking Software

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What Month Is Most Dangerous For Teenage Drivers

Teen Driving Danger Up In Summer

One of the things that teenagers love more than anything is summer. Summer means time off school, vacations, hanging out with friends, outdoor adventures, longer days, and simply more fun. Summer can be a great time for teens, but for parents, it is the time when they should have heightened fears because when the temperature rises so too does the danger. This is because statistics show that the most dangerous month for teen drivers is Summer.

Teen Driving Safety In Summer

There are a number of factors that lead to the spike in teen driving accidents in the summer according to driving experts. Many of these factors are things such as sending/receiving text messages while driving, driving too fast, or simply anything that could casually distract driving like a conversation with friends. Basically, many of the same factors result in the majority of teen driving accidents. However, the carefree attitude many teens exhibit is often amplified in the summer months and this sustained behavior can be a recipe for automotive disaster. This leaves parents asking themselves what options are available to reduce the dangers of teen driving during the summer months.

Monitoring Cell Phone Activity

Cell phone use is now the number one leading cause of distracted driving among all motorists, but it is even more prevalent among teenagers. Teenagers will use their cell phones for literally hundreds of different applications. These applications include everything from making calls, sending text messages, creating SnapChat stories, posting on Facebook/Instagram, and more. Therefore, cell phones are basically one huge distraction and parents need to reduce or eliminate that distraction. Parents can utilize apps that freeze cell phone activity, choose a data plan that doesn’t allow the teen access to the Internet, or have serious conversations regarding cell phone use when driving and check cell phone records against driving activity to be sure teens aren’t using their phones while driving. Whatever option a parent decides, it is critical that cell phone use is monitored and conversations take place regarding cell phone use while driving. Also, setting a good example for teens is important because parents shouldn’t be using their cell phones while driving either!

Teen GPS Car Tracking Devices

Monitoring teen cell phone activity is important and being a good role model is also important, but parents wanting to take safety to the next level can get help from teen GPS trackers. Live car tracking technology is fantastic for two specific reasons that are it can notify a parent if a teen is driving too fast or traveling to places they are not supposed to be. Speeding is synonymous with driving dangerously and when teen motorist drives fast they put themselves in harm’s way. Therefore, parents who stop their kids from speeding also reduce the likelihood those teens will be involved in an automobile accident.  This is one of the best reasons for any parent to invest in a car tracking device for their teenager. However, there are still other positive benefits of investing in a car tracker and one more is that GPS tracking allows parents to know where their teens are located at all times. Whether it be a friend’s house they are not supposed to go to, a bad side of town that should be avoided, or some other spot that is off-limits, GPS trackers provide parents with every address a teen arrives and departs. This locational information can be viewed over the Internet or programmed to alert parents via email or text. The GPS tracker will provide non-biased data regarding where a teen is going which can help parents understand if their teen is making good driving decisions. This can be especially good in the summer months when teens travel more frequently with friends.

When the weather gets warmer teen driving gets more dangerous, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t help reduce those dangers. By understanding that risks go up in the summer, parents must talk with their teen drivers, monitor cell phone activity, and consider using GPS car tracking technology to observe how fast a teen is driving their automobile. Safe driving is a learned behavior and so too is poor driving. Parents can help shape these driving behaviors with a little management and hopefully keep their teens safer by doing so.