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GPS Required On All Washington State Vehicles

GPS Tracking Could Monitor Every Washington Vehicle Soon …

State legislators are always seeking new and innovative ways to screw taxpayers over and take more of their money. Then again when mismanagement of public funds runs rampant among politicians and lawmakers refuse to take accountability or take cuts in their own fat cat salaries or pension plans who else is going to fit the bill other than taxpayers? So that is exactly what is going on in the great state of Washington right now. This is because the Washington State Transportation Commission has now given the green light with a pilot project that will test the efficiency of charging drivers a tax for every single mile they travel on public roadways with the help of a spy tool known as the GPS tracker. What political talking heads are wanting to do is create a road usage tax that would replace the current gas tax employed by the state of Washington. Part of the reason lawmakers are wanting this change is because many of the people in Washington love their green state and the environment. Although this sounds like a good thing and a testament to the environmentally aware people in Washington, what it has done has made the lawmakers furious with the hippies because they make less revenue when people are driving hybird or electric vehicles. This is because when less gas is used the greedy suits get less money from fuel taxes. This is simply not okay in the eyes of politicians in Washington who need those six figure salaries and sweet pension plans adjusted to rise with the inflation rate. Therefore, they are trying to push through a plan that would not only track the mileage of every driver but also every single place they go via the use of a state sponsored GPS tracking device plan. Oh and this pilot plan that uses GPS car tracking is set to start in 2016. Lawmakers are upset because they see money from the gas tax declining and are looking for ways to keep that revenue high, but with more and more people turning to energy friendly vehicles that downward trend is likely to continue. Therefore, instead of finding out creative ways to reduce spending or simply create a system that holds lawmakers a little more accountable they instead decided to employ a tactic similar to that of the state of Oregon that sets the foundation to charge Washington motorists for every single mile they drive. They believe this tax per mileage tax plan would be the perfect con to make up the difference in revenue lost from Washington motorists simply making smarter more environmentally friendly choices.

GPS Tracking Raises Serious Concerns Over Driver Privacy

What Washington lawmakers are currently discussing is giving drivers a couple different options in regards to tax collection for the road usage tax. These ideas include odometer readings, use of a state created mobile app that would record locational data and of course the installation of a GPS auto tracking device upon the vehicle being used. However, some of these methods of tax collection will not only record road usage and mileage but also every location a driver has been, how long they were there and so much more very personal information. Clearly, this creates some serious privacy issues for drivers in the state of Washington who are not okay with the state monitoring their every single movement 24/7, especially, in light of the recent news about government spying on emails, phone records and more. Unfortunately, it appears this new method of extortion/taxation is going to begin in 2016 and be full implemented approximately in 2018. Good luck motorists in Washington…

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