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GPS Tracker Shop has spent months developing an online resource for those looking to learn more about GPS vehicle tracker technology. That is why the technology editors for the company have drafted numerous articles of content related to the different applications of GPS fleet tracking devices and personal GPS trackers. Although the online shopping and resource center has been tinkering with the website on a daily basis, GPS Tracker Shop is very proud to announce that it has now installed a new online shopping cart using VirtueMart that will allow online shoppers to quickly and safely purchase products!

Before the installation of the online shopping cart, GPS Tracker Shop customers were required to contact sales associates via phone in order to make a purchase. This method of purchase was fine for those who still had questions regarding either real-time GPS trackers or data loggers, but was an inconvenience for those who wanted to quickly and discretely make an online purchase. Understanding that some buyers would prefer to process orders independently, GPS Tracker Shop felt it was necessary to improve the buyer experience by adding the VirtueMart shopping cart to the company e-commerce website.

Are There Other Online Purchasing Methods?

GPS Tracker Shop makes every effort to accommodate online shoppers, and that is why the company offers alternative methods for payment submission. These additional purchasing methods include:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Money Order
  • Company Check
  • Bank/Debit Card
  • Credit Card

GPS Tracker Shop also offers additional payment options to law enforcement agencies, government entities and other municipalities.

“Although we have set up an online payment gateway to create the easiest possible avenue for online shoppers to purchase, we still strongly believe in the power of conversation and therefore encourage anyone with questions about GPS tracking products to contact one of our sales representatives so they can answer any lingering questions”, said the President of Operations for GPS Tracker Shop. “Our trained sales staff can help guide online shoppers to the appropriate product and also process any orders manually.”

GPS Tracker Shop is open 7 days a week so anyone with questions or looking to invest in GPS tracking systems can visit the online store or call a rep anytime.

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