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State GPS Tracking Law Over-Ruled

Police Support From State Over-Ruled

The people of Wisconsin are vastly different than those inhabiting New York. Although generalization does not accurately describe every individual in a particular region, for the most part Wisconsin people are small town values people and New York people are fast-paced hustle and bustle. The differences between the two regions of people are as different as their beloved sporting teams, the Green Bay Packers and the New York Yankees. These differences were once again illuminated when Wisconsin high courts made a ruling on the application of police using GPS trackers to monitor potential criminal suspects, a decision that was a complete 180 from a New York state ruling.

GPS Tracking & Wisconsin Police

GPS tracking devices are tools that Wisconsin Police have utilized at the state, county and local level for a long time. Although Wisconsin is not a state most people would associate with high crime, a criminal element still exists in the cheese state. Looking to improve the safety of Wisconsin residents, police have been routinely known to attach GPS trackers upon the automobiles of people suspected in engaging in criminal activity.

Wisconsin GPS Tracking Ruling

After a case regarding the police use of a GPS vehicle tracker without warrant reached the state’s Supreme Court, the Wisconsin judges had to make a ruling on what would be deemed acceptable and appropriate use of GPS devices among law enforcement agencies. After carefully reviewing the evidence that police gathered to build a case against the man appealing his sentence, the Wisconsin court made a statement that Wisconsin Police would not be required to first obtain a warrant before placing a GPS tracker on a suspect’s vehicle. Now only time will tell which direction other states will move when it comes to obtaining a warrant prior to use of any GPS tracking hardware, or if the Federal government will set some form of protocol of acceptable use of GPS tracking.

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