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2013 Top 5 Safest Vehicles For Teens

The Safest Automobiles Of 2013

One of the biggest concerns every parent has is the safety of their children. This concern only increases when those kids become teenagers and begin driving on their own. The reason is because of the horrific and sobering statistics associated with teen driving dangers. In fact, teen driving safety has become such a large issue that many parents are now investing in automotive surveillance tools such as GPS trackers to have total access over vehicle driving activity. These real-time GPS tracking devices for teens can give parents instant information on where their teen is driving and how fast they are going. Although technological tools are one way of overseeing teen driving activity many parents are taking safety one step further by purchasing their teens the safest automobiles available on the market. For parents looking at investing in the safest vehicles of 2013, here is a list of the top 5 automobiles that made the cut according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

  1. Dodge Avenger
  2. Chrysler 200
  3. Hyundai Sonata
  4. Volkswagen Passat
  5. Volvo S60

(The above rankings are NOT in order from most to least safe. All are equal in rating)

About Vehicle Safety Ratings

Every year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety releases its annual top safety picks that evaluates automobiles according to how they respond to some of the most frequent and common automotive accidents. The ratings are determined by how the automobiles perform in side impact collisions, impacts on the rear end, roll overs, head on collisions and more. The car must show good performance in four of the five testing categories and at least an acceptable rating in the fifth category in order for the automobile to receive a top rating. Of the approximately 180 automobiles tested for the 2013 top safety award only 13 vehicles were able to meet the safety guidelines set forth by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. When asked about the overall crash protection and safety of the top picks a IIHS representative explained that they were very pleased to recognize the manufacturers and vehicle models as they will be a true asset in automotive safety to anyone, including teen drivers. Heavier duty vehicles such as the Toyota Tundra also were able to secure a good safety rating, but the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety explained that in general the bigger and heavier the automobile the more likely it is to handle a collision and keep a motorist safe. Although the bigger is better philosophy is only a rule of thumb in terms of vehicle safety, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety was quick to note that some of the smallest automobiles on the market such as the Honda Fiat were also able to notch a good safety score. Parents seeking to invest in a top-rated safety vehicle for their teen drivers can get more detailed information on the testing of each make and model of vehicle by visiting the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety homepage.

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