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What Is A No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker?

Car tracking devices with no monthly fees are affordable automotive monitoring solutions that record historical driving data. Also referred to as GPS data loggers,  no monthly fee GPS trackers offer second-by-second positional tracking, zero reliance on cellular networks, and no subscription fees for service! Users simply need to remove the GPS tracker from the automobile it was monitoring, download historical GPS tracking data directly from the device to a computer using a USB connection, then review driving activity to determine everywhere an automobile has been! The reason why these car tracking device with no monthly fee solutions are popular is because they can assist with:

  • Teenage Driving Safety
  • Businesses Validating Employee Travels
  • Relationship Verification (Cheating Spouse)
  • Law Enforcement Covert Surveillance

NO monthly fee gps trackerGPS Tracker No Subscription

What Is Passive GPS?

When it comes to GPS tracking their are two forms of classification: real-time GPS and passive GPS. Although most people are familiar with how real-time GPS tracking works, passive GPS technology can offer a wide range of benefits, but first one must understand what passive GPS means. Passive GPS are receivers that capture radio signals transmitted from satellites floating in space orbit. Through this connection the passive GPS can determine speed, location, altitude, arrival times, and an assortment of other data that can be extremely helpful in applications related to personal safety or fleet vehicle management. Since passive GPS devices are receivers they do not require an Internet connection or cellular coverage to acquire data. This means a person can use a passive GPS anywhere in the world and not run into technical issues. However, the best feature of passive GPS technology is it offers consumers and business a GPS tracker for car no monthly fee!

Passive GPS systems are also known as GPS data loggers because they record all historical information. This is very important for a consumer or company to understand because passive GPS devices cannot under any circumstances offer live, real-time data. The user must remove the passive GPS from the target object, asset or vehicle and download the saved location data. The download is complete by using a simple USB connection to a personal computer or laptop. Once the data from the passive GPS has been downloaded the user can see how fast a car was operating, the stops it made, address information and other valuable documentation captured via satellite technology. The data is typically displayed in a text format that breaks down all activity in a clear, easy to understand fashion, or imposed over a satellite imagery program such as Microsoft Virtual Earth or Google Earth.

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Benefits Of No Monthly Fee GPS Trackers

The most advantageous feature of using passive GPS is that the technology does not require any activation or monthly service fees for data usage. The hardware also tends to be much more affordable than real-time GPS tracking technology. Other benefits of passive GPS include refresh rates every second, longer battery life, and the ability to work anywhere in the world without the need for cellular towers!

Top 5 No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker FAQs

  1. How much does it cost to install GPS in a car? Most no monthly fee GPS trackers do not require professional installation. This is because GPS data loggers are powered by internal batteries and can be hidden on a vehicle very easily. Battery-life is also not a huge concern with these portable car tracking devices because they are engineered with motion sensors to fall into a sleep mode when the car they are tracking is parked. This saves battery-life and allows a no monthly fee GPS tracker to monitor an automobile for longer stretches of time.
  2. Will GPS work without a SIM card? No monthly fee GPS trackers do not provide live GPS tracking so they can work without a SIM card. All GPS data is recorded to internal memory where the information can be downloaded for review.
  3. What is the best car tracking device with no monthly fee? The top-rated car tracking device with no subscription fees is the Flashback GPS tracker. The reason is the device has a waterproof housing, strong surface magnetic mount, and the longest battery-life of any GPS data logger on the market today.
  4. Is there a GPS tracker with no monthly fee? Flashback GPS tracker and the Driving Activity Reporter are tow GPS trackers with no monthly fees.. However, they are not live GPS trackers and should not be used for auto-theft security.
  5. Are there real time gps tracker no monthly fee? All real time GPS tracking devices require a monthly subscription fee because they transmit data over cellular networks. They also will not work in areas where cell phone coverage is weak or non-existent. On the other hand, GPS data loggers will work anywhere across the globe because they do not require the assistance of cell towers, and therefore have no monthly fees.

Where to hide a GPS trackerBest GPS Fleet Tracking Small Business

For small companies that don’t have the budget for real-time GPS for their fleet, GPS data loggers provide the technological solution to organizing driving records, accounting for mileage driven in company automobiles and finding out if employees are conducting work efficiently while operating in the field. Passive GPS is the cost-appropriate monitoring technology for any small business that wants to enhance automotive fleet and personnel efficiency. What is even better is that these car tracking devices with no monthly fees are also designed with exterior magnetic mounts, allowing a business to easily equip the GPS tracker to the outside of the target automobile. And there is nothing a business enjoys more than a hidden GPS tracker no monthly fee!

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Affordable GPS Tracker For Cars

Real-time GPS trackers are wonderful tools capable of providing acceleration alerts, live positional information and easy access to vehicle tracker data. Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, many consumers and small businesses cannot afford the monthly service costs associated with real-time tracking. In a time when people everywhere are reducing monetary commitments by cutting Netflix subscriptions, gym memberships and other monthly expenses, the last thing people want is to pay for Monthly GPS tracking. For those interested in a more affordable alternative to real-time tracking, GPS data loggers are offering management and monitoring solutions.

GPS Auto Tracking While On A Budget – No Monthly Fee Devices

Lets face it, with all of the cool features offered from real-time GPS tracking devices the one drawback are the monthly service fees. All real-time trackers require a monthly service data plan to cover the cost of data use, but for many families those fees are simply too expensive. That means real-time tracking is not an option. However, that does not change the fact that those families operating on very small household incomes still need GPS tracking technology that can boost driving safety and automotive-theft security. For families in search of a monitoring option that is both reliable and cost-appropriate, passive GPS data loggers are proving to be the answer. Data loggers are accurate tracking devices that store driving activity on an internal memory every second with precision and detail. When the user wants to review the data they simply take the GPS unit off the automobile it was tracking and download the information. GPS tracking data will show the speed a motorist traveled, the locations they parked their vehicle and a variety of other information based on travel activity. Since the user manually downloads tracking data no monthly service fees are required. The only cost the user pays is the initial purchase of the data logger hardware.

GPS Data Logger For Car

GPS data loggers provide a number of the same features that real-time tracking devices offer, but with no monthly subscriptions. The reason for this is because data loggers do not use wireless networks or cellular technology to send locational data. Basically, the user is the one who is responsible for retrieving personal GPS tracker data through a process of download via USB connection. Once the data is transferred to a personal computer, the user can access:

  1. Addresses a motorist arrived/departed
  2. Locational refresh rates that occurred every single second
  3. Daily mileage traveled in a easy-to-read activity sheet
  4. The speed a motorist traveled at any given location, and daily maximum speed

All of the above information and more is accessible to data logger users, along with extended battery life (as compared to a real-time GPS tracker). Not to mention, data loggers can continue capturing positional information even in regions where no cellular coverage exists, something real-time devices cannot complete. Therefore, parents worried about how their teen is driving, companies concerned an employee may be misusing business work vehicles or any consumer seeking a accurate location-based security solution can invest in a GPS data logger and not have to worry about paying any annoying monthly service fees! This is the reason why the passive tracking market continues to grow in all sectors of the marketplace.

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GPS Data Logger Comparison

GPS data loggers are the perfect fit for people in a relationship believing a partner is unfaithful, parents wanting to see how their teens are driving or companies wanting to know if their employees are taking company vehicles for joyrides. Along with having no service fees, GPS data loggers can offer a number of other benefits, but people considering investment in the car tracking devices should be keenly aware of the limitations of the technology. Limitations include an inability to transmit data which means if you have a data logger on your car and that car gets stolen you are up the stinky creek without a paddle. Data loggers provide no auto-theft security, real-time updates or any alerting features. This is the primary reason the car tracking devices are more affordable. Car GPS trackers come in all shapes and sizes with some providing real-time driving activity while others offering historical information. The good news for consumers is that the market supplies a variety of vehicle tracking systems ready and able to meet the needs of buyers. Even providing car tracking devices with no monthly fees.

Best Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee in 2019

Once a consumer or business has decided to invest in a GPS data logger for their vehicle tracking application the next big question to answer is what is the best car GPS tracker no monthly fee? According to online reviews and verified buyer reviews the best GPS tracking device without subscription is the PlayBack GPS. The reason the PlayBack GPS is the top-rated data logger on the market is because the device offers the following features:

  • Waterproof housing 
  • Simple plug-and-play USB connection
  • Longest battery life of any passive GPS
  • Updates every second
  • Historical playback option
  • Mileage reports by daily activity
  • Top daily speed driven
  • Location Addresses

Companies and families searching the Internet for the best GPS car trackers on the market typically find themselves researching real-time GPS trackers. Real-time GPS trackers can send alerts, enhance auto-theft prevention measures and plot with detail where a motorist is at live over a computer program such as Google Maps or Google Earth. Unfortunately, those forms of tracker systems also come with expenses that include hardware and service for data transmission. Since many small businesses and families operating on a very tight budget simply cannot allocate funds for GPS monitoring service, historical travel recording devices known as data loggers are providing a much more financially flexible solution. And the data logger that leads the market in efficiency a reliability is a small unit called PlayBack GPS.

What separates PlayBack GPS from other no monthly fee GPS trackers  old by electronics retailers is that the device has super efficient battery power, a ultra sensitive antenna and surface magnet on the durable housing that makes it easy to slap the GPS tracker on any target automobile. In fact, the engineering geniuses behind the PlayBack understood what the market desired in a passive tracking unit because this model of car monitoring device was built upon massive amounts of feedback received from the original Driving Activity Reporter (the most successful selling GPS data logger of all time). With this feedback from both casual and power users, the software developers and hardware engineers were able to create something truly unique, reliable and outstanding. Something the GPS monitoring industry had never seen before.

For more information on this top-selling no monthly fee GPS tracker please click here.

Top 5 No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker Features of PlayBack GPS

  1. Waterproof GPS tracker: PlayBack GPS is a completely waterproof car tracking device that was designed to be placed on the outside of a vehicle.
  2. GPS tracker long lasting battery: What makes this GPS data logger stand above the competition is the extended battery life of the no monthly fee GPS tracker which provides 60+ hours of  consecutive tracking hours. Designed with a motion sensor to help retain long battery life, the PlayBack GPS will transition into a sleep mode after 2 minutes of non-movement.
  3. GPS tracker magnetic case: The waterproof housing of this no monthly fee car tracking device makes the need for a bulky magnetic case obsolete. Simply attach PlayBack GPS tracker on the outside of an automobile and let it record driving activity every single second!
  4. Best car mileage tracker device:PlayBack GPS will record every address a vehicle arrives or departs from as well as provide detailed mileage reports that make this GPS tracker no monthly fee a valuable tool for businesses.
  5. GPS tracker without cell service: PlayBack GPS does not require a SIM card or cell service to record driving activity. This is the reason why the car tracking device no monthly fee is popular among law enforcement agencies.