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How Senior GPS Watches Are Enhancing Elderly Safety

Personal GPS trackers are used for a variety of safety applications from monitoring children to the observation of senior citizens. This is because consumer-grade personal GPS systems have become both cost-effective and user-efficient. Although there are numerous ways GPS tracking and navigational technology can improve daily life, it is the lives that are saved through the use of senior GPS tracking watches and personal panic button GPS systems that really cause for mention. For families seeking the best senior safety devices, the wearable panic button for elderly persons combined with real time GPS tracking is a must-have.

How Does Panic Button Work?

Personal Emergency Mobile Panic Buttons

Real-time GPS trackers designed for personal monitoring such as elderly GPS tracking bracelets are engineered with a feature known as the panic button. What this panic button is designed to do is send out emergency alerts to law enforcement, a family member, or friend if the person wearing the personal GPS bracelet or non-removable watch is in need of help. Emergency panic buttons can help if a senior being lost, stranded after an auto mechanical failure, or something much more serious. Regardless, when a senior citizen with memory problems or another adult with cognitive challenges needs assistance it is great to have a personal emergency alert solution that allows at-risk people quick access to help from loved ones or first responders.

“Recently, a customer contacted us about purchasing a real-time GPS tracker with a panic button”, a GPS Tracker Shop sales rep stated. “Her elderly father had been wandering, and even though nothing bad ever happened to her family member she still feared for his personal safety. She knew if she had a personal GPS tracker with a panic button that he could instantly alert authorities if he was in trouble (along with where his locational position was). It is unique situations such as this that personal GPS tracking devices can not only give a person mental and emotional comfort but literally could help save a person’s life.”

Personal panic button GPS devices offer features that are totally customizable, allowing the user to choose the specific number they want the panic button to call. If the user wants to change the panic button emergency contact number all they have to do is reprogram the tracker using online software Although some people prefer to have the panic button contact 911 or local police, security experts recommend that users first speak with their local law enforcement departments before programming them as the contact. GPS trackers are continuing to evolve and that evolution is resulting in faster, easier to use and higher performance tracking systems. GPS tracking systems that can raise personal safety and beyond.

Senior GPS Tracking Device

GPS Panic Buttons For Personal Security

One of the major concerns impacting many families is elderly safety. This is because a lot of families have mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers struggling with early forms of memory-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Video surveillance is always helpful at home or in-case facilities, but what happens if the senior leaves their living quarters? Whether the need is for a monitoring solution to keep track of the driving habits of an elderly person, or a wearable safety alert product for potentially wandering senior citizen, live GPS trackers have been the answer to improving personal safety. With the demand for senior GPS tracking devices continuing to grow it is important to recognize the different options available when it comes to senior safety devices. The two most popular options are a vehicle tracking device for seniors or GPS tracking bracelet for elderly persons.

Benefits Of Emergency SOS Button

  • Send an alert if the senior is to wander far from their living quarters
  • Emergency calling with a simple one-touch panic SOS button
  • GPS cellular data that can pinpoint location in real time
  • Quickly locate a missing senior with the help of a live safety app

Vehicle Tracking Device For Seniors

For families concerned that a senior driver might be getting lost or simply a danger on the road, vehicle tracking devices can provide concrete data to find out what is going on. By equipping a real time GPS tracker to the OBD2 port of a senior’s automobile, families can go online to see where their elderly family member is located and everywhere they have traveled throughout the day. Other data includes how fast the senior was driving, and every location they stopped at, as well as the length of time the senior was at each location.

Cell Phone GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Bracelet For Elderly

Seniors with limited freedoms that may also be at an increased risk of wandering could greatly benefit from wearing a GPS tracking bracelet with a personal panic button. What GPS tracking bracelets do is offer families a simple way to locate a senior 24/7, but at the same time giving that senior the ability to send out an SOS in an emergency situation through the use of a personal panic button GPS. This gives the family two ways to enhance personal safety, boosting senior freedom and peace-of-mind.

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